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9 Ways to Improve Your Company’s Anniversary Party

We believe that milestones are always worth celebrating and that they are the perfect excuse to hold an outstanding party! How about taking the opportunity to inspire your employees? To create a team spirit? Why wouldn’t it be the occasion to also attract new customers by showing your company’s success?

50% of executives said corporate culture influences productivity, creativity, profitability, firm value and growth rates.

Therefore if you were still unsure about throwing a company party, think about it as a tool to reinforce and recreate your company culture in order to retain your employees. Company culture is the number one factor attracting employees — even over salary and compensation levels. However, to throw a party just to have a party won’t get you far. Here are our suggestions on how to make the most out of your company’s anniversary party and to make it memorable!

1. Why Are You Throwing a Company Party? Is it for Your Company Anniversary, or for What Reason?

Think about the objective of your company anniversary party: is it just to celebrate the anniversary, or do you perhaps have other objectives too? For instance, you might be planning to release information on a new product or organization change, or likewise want to promote and celebrate your colleagues. Be always clear on your objective and keep it at the centre of your party planning.

2. Have a Survey on Expectations for the Company Anniversary Party

You are organising the company anniversary party essentially for the employees of the company. Therefore, it is a good idea to think about what your employees would like to experience at the party. Create a short survey and send it out when you start planning for the party. Select a few members of the workplace and set up a party committee to help you out with the organization. Moreover, this helps you to hear their ideas in depth.

Some employees are more interested in fancy galas and sit down dinners, others prefer casual mingling. Do you need a budget for a good buffet table, or just for cocktail finger food and drinks? Do your employees expect dancing, competitions, fancy dress competition? Figure out the expectations and manage them!

3. You Need to Do Marketing for the Company Anniversary Party

People might sometimes feel that company anniversary parties are a forced event that they have to attend. We want to create hype around your party! Even if you are creating this for your internal organization, you need to treat it as any other event where you’re selling tickets. In other words, you need to do lots of marketing and make people excited.

Send out a calendar invitation for the party well in advance so people are able to block the date from their calendars. Send out email marketing about the party regularly, and especially on the last week before the party. Remind everyone about the location and time, if there is a theme or a dress-up competition. Create the momentum and don’t let anyone forget the party is taking place.

4. Engage Senior Management in the Company Party Planning

We all know that the senior management of any company is most likely incredibly busy. You don’t need their attention to a meeting, don’t worry. However, you want to make sure they are engaged in the party. Senior management’s endorsement is important and it’s essential all the employees see the senior management in the party. If there is a dress-up theme, make sure your senior management is aware of it and will come dressed. They can perhaps also talk about the party to their team and challenge them to dress up too.

5. Showcase Your Biggest Achievements in the Party

Have a short presentation about the history of your company and share its main highlights (and low-points..). It’s the perfect occasion to remind your employees of the company’s journey: from where it has started and what it took for your company to be where it is now.

Besides showing what has been done, grasp the occasion to talk about the future goals of your company. What do you want to be celebrating in five years? Communicate your future strategy to your employees in a colloquial way.

6. Time to Be Interactive in the Party

Taking pictures of the event goes without saying: you can share them live on your social media channels and create a buzz around the event. How about having a photo booth to make more fun and interesting pictures? If participants are able to create something themselves, they will always have fun. A photo booth is really easy to set up, all you need is your anniversary logo in the background and a couple of accessories at hand (oversized glasses, funny hats, wigs..). You could also ask everyone to write on colourful notes their expectations of the year, best memory, a colleague they would like to endorse and why, and create a note mobile! Be prepared to have fun!

7. Make it a Fun and Memorable Company Anniversary Party

Sometimes people can feel uncomfortable networking, even in events where the attendees are familiar. Think about icebreakers and potential mood lighteners in advance. You might want to hire a good MC to bring down the tension and ease everyone into a celebration mood.

Engage your employees and get them to participate by organising fun games and why not having small prizes for the winners! A “How well do you know the company?” quiz can be a good and entertaining option. Have a photographer taking photos of the party and afterwards put them on display. A coffee pantry TV is, for example, a good location to have them on a slideshow for the week after. Also, share the photos by email to all the attendees.

8. Be Grateful for the Company’s Employees

Time to get a bit emotional! Your company is where it is today thanks to your hard work but also the key people. Family, friends, partners, know who they are. It’s time to thank them for what they have done and their contribution to the success of your company. It doesn’t have to be a formal Thank-You speech. Get creative! You can, for example, leave a personal handwritten thank you message under their plates. Celebrate your employees and recognize their hard work.

You can, for example, share some of your customer’s best stories and testimonials by compiling them in a slideshow. You could also print out (or handwrite!) the best comments your company has received and stick them on the walls or create a special place for them to be displayed (like a tree). If you have more time, you could also record a video and invite some of your customers to take part to say a few words about your company.

9. Strengthen Your Company Culture

Having a strong and united team is one of your company’s key assets. However, there is barely time to socialise during busy days at work. Create for the occasion a relaxed and cozy atmosphere for your employees to interact and get to know each other better. Why not inviting family to make it even more casual? Company parties are a great opportunity to network with your fellow colleagues and their families, but also a good occasion to get to know better your potential clients. A good party strengthens your company culture and on top of creating amazing memories, also helps to retain your employees. Create this momentum to bring everyone together!

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