HUONE’s ‘Why?’

Our Vision
Our vision is to maximize our guests’ return on time invested in business meetings and events. We strongly believe that this can achieved by putting people first in everything we do. We vision to have HUONE in all major meeting cities in the world.

Our Mission
To ensure that both our guests and employees are happy and excited to come back again.
To operate a responsible business that honors three principles: people, planet, and profit.
To promote creativity and happiness in business.
To never stop innovating and improving.

Our Responsibility
HUONE is all about people. We believe happy employees equal happy guests. We also take environmental issues seriously and take it into consideration with our purchases, waste management and recycling.  In 2015, we started the movement of ‘Give Back’, commiting to make the world a better place for the next generations. Our efforts are directed to child welfare, particularly to education.

Currently, every single employee in HUONE supports a child around the world with their education. HUONE is also committed to contributing part of its profits to charity organisations under the same cause.  Our founder, Evon has personally taken a strong pledge in giving back by public speaking. She is an inspirational speaker for entrepreneurship, girl power, immigration, and education. The compensation she gets from her speeches also go to child welfare.