Board of Directors

Markko Vaarnas

Chairman of the Board

Vaarnas – the Co-founder of Takeoff Partners – was appointed as Group Chairman to guide HUONE towards its growth targets after 11 months as a HUONE board member. He specializes in internationalizing B2B software and service companies and wants to share his experiences in building strategic business plans, conceptualizing offerings, improving customer experiences, raising finance and facilitating new market entries’ implementation – all the expertise needed for executing the fast expansion plan HUONE has for the next 2 years.

Juuso Kokko

Investor and Board Member

Kokko has been an entrepreneur for 20 years with CMB Ravintolat and a lecturer at Haaga-Helia for 10 years. His company invests 1-2 times per year in potential startups and he is the first investor of HUONE International. His belief in Evon and HUONE’s concept has never flagged. As a shareholder and an active board member, Kokko has witnessed all the phases of HUONE and will continue to help bring this Finnish innovation to all major meeting destinations around the world.

Anu Syrmä

Board Member

HUONE welcomed Syrmä to join the board in January 2019. Her expertise in global branding and marketing in companies such as Coca-Cola and Reima helps HUONE execute its international expansion plan. Syrmä founded her own company – SIS. Deli+Café Oy – in 2008, she understands the start-up world and knows what is needed for a company to gain significant growth. Syrmä assists the management team in sales and marketing as well as developing the HUONE concept.

Evon Blomstedt – formerly Söderlund

Founder, Group CEO and Board Member

Evon Blomstedt – formerly Söderlund as the Founder, Group CEO and Mother of HUONE,  has never stopped following her passion with meetings, service design and customer service excellence. With her multicultural background and a strong leadership style, Evon has been a cultural and visionary icon for HUONE. Evon is a battle-hardened entrepreneur. With her entrepreneurial journey founding HUONE, in 2014, she was recognised as ‘PwC’s Most Valuable Entrepreneur in Finland’ award. Later in February 2015, she was also the youngest and the first foreigner to receive the Vuoden Restonomi 2014 award. She is an inspirational speaker on girl power, motivation and entrepreneurship, as well as an ambassador for SISU.

Jyrki Lämsä

Board Member

Seeing the significant opportunity to scale HUONE’s operations to more international markets, Lämsä was delighted to take up a board position as of January 2019. His extensive work history in finance and accounting in companies such as Pohjola and Musti and Mirri are keys to help HUONE reach its full potential in the upcoming years.

Huone International Team

Evon Blomstedt – formerly Söderlund

Founder, Group CEO and Board Member

Evon has never stopped following her passion for meeting and service design. As the Founder, Group CEO and mother of HUONE, she does all this with her multicultural operating team on two continents and a capable leadership team. 

Unit Heads

Jaakko Eskola

HUONE Helsinki

Ian Wu

HUONE Singapore


Pia Schultz

HUONE Copenhagen