HUONE made waves from the moment we opened our doors in 2012. Ever since then we’ve been surfing ever higher, now hosting over 6000 events and winning six awards. Helsinki hasn’t been the same since. Now we’ve expanded to Singapore and set sail for lands beyond. Every meeting, every conference, every training, and workshop, and product launch or press event we’ve hosted has been a success. All thanks to our focus on diligent planning, innovative ideas, fantastic design, and amazing food and drinks. Not to mention those little extra activities we like to add to really rock the boat and keep you from having just a plain, old, boring meeting.

Our Philosophy

Make meetings easier, more enjoyable and more impactful. We know your time is your greatest investment, so we want you to use it well. That’s why we at HUONE prioritize you, that’s why there are no middlemen. HUONE handles everything. You set the agenda, we arrange every chair and table, the food and beverages, and any activities. All is done deliberately so the room and our service match the people attending and the purpose of the meeting. 

We put as much thought into your event as you put into your business. HUONE is here to help.

Our awards

Certified NOV 2018-2019

Story of HUONE

The world may be getting smaller as we become more connected, but for two people from different sides of the globe it didn’t feel that way in the beginning. It wasn’t until they took they fate into their own hands that they met, fell in love and became the team you see today. Evon and Jussi’s hard work, belief in one another, and dedication became the basis for HUONE. Together they established a family that’s growing everyday.

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