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HUONE International
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“Building a Business Through Sheer Grit and Giving Back to Society”

Joewin Tan, CEO of HUONE Singapore sat down with the StyleGuide team and took the opportunity to tell about her successful journey as an entrepreneur. In the interview, she stresses how important it is for her to be thankful and give back to the society.

At Huone, whenever we have leftover food, we make it a point to not waste it. We would bring the food back and give it to the cleaners who live in our estate or to people who may need it more than we do. There was this period of time where we had a lot of foreign workers at our HDB estate doing repainting works. After bringing the leftover food to my mum, she made it a point to heat it up the next day, bring it down and personally distribute to all of them for two consecutive weeks.

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