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Business Event Trends 2022

Business Event Trends 2022-The big question we all should be asking ourselves as business professionals is this: Is this event worth everyone’s time? As we await fireworks to signal new year, HUONE shares its view on the 2022 business meeting and event industry outlook. 

The report is written based on HUONE’s experience in 2021, internal data based on hosting 2210 events, and over 18,000 guests globally, as well as the insights from fellow industry leaders. 

Key Ideas from HUONE’s Business Event Trends E-book:

  • Optimistic outlook for in-person business meetings and events in 2022
  • There’s no substitute for face-to-face meetings, but virtual/hybrid option is here to stay. How to get the best of two worlds? 
  • It’s all about building the trust, company culture back, and engaging employees
  • Sustainability as a natural part of your business events. 

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