Conference in creative surroundings – Medgang’s day at HUONE

In collaboration with MiLife, Medgang, a development community that works with institutions and schools, held a conference at HUONE Copenhagen with 65 participants. Read more to learn about their HUONE experience.

Medgang is a development community with a focus on inspiring. The community works with institutions, schools, and parents to teach children and young people methods that strengthen their mental health, and ensures that the children get the tools they need to strengthen self-awareness, self-confidence, and self-respect at an early age. MiLife educates teachers, pedagogues, and supervisors on socio-emotional learning.

In this article, you can read more about

  • The relationship between the surroundings and the meeting and event’s goals
  • The ways to use meeting rooms actively in a conference to engage participants

Why did you chvoose HUONE as a venue for your event?

We chose HUONE because we wanted something different from a traditional sit-down conference. We wanted some alternative surroundings that invited to creativity and that could meet the message we had at the conference. That we have to rethink the way we teach children (and adults) – including the surroundings. 

What kind of meeting or event did you have and why? Who participated? 

We had a conference with the theme “the vision of the world’s best school” because we wanted a conference that addressed the problem of children’s well-being from a more helicopter perspective and with a long-term and sustainable view. The conference was attended by politicians, school leaders, teachers, pedagogues, and supervisors. 











(Medgang in Strand Room and Puzzle Room)

Did you include the rooms and surroundings in your event?

Yes, we had deliberately selected several meeting rooms that we could actively use in our conference, so we had a primary room, which was Strand, and several break-out rooms.

You have been in our ‘Strand Room’, ‘Greenhouse’, ‘Puzzle’, ‘Lapland’ and ‘Lakeview’. What has made an impression?

How different they are and how much the rooms invite creativity and engage us to be present, and open about different perspectives. 

The day at HUONE went really well. The setting was fantastic and the day went beyond all expectations. We have had a really good dialogue before and during the conference. The details were under control and we solved the few challenges on-site -organiser, Medgang

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