People of HUONE: Ammar Fargalla

Next creative entrepreneur in our People of HUONE series is Ammar Fargalla, Chef at HUONE Copenhagen. Ammar has been part of the team since Autumn 2021 and is known for his great intellect and high spirits. Get to know Ammar Fargalla better here!

  • I work as a chef in our kitchen crew. I do various things and am everywhere in the kitchen because we work as a team. We help each other with whatever task there is during the day.
  • The most unusual about HUONE is the connection between people. The bonding is really nice and incredible. You do not find that environment in a lot of companies. That is something very special.
  • My favourite room at HUONE is Theater Room. Maybe it is because I have got a connection to theatre. I used to be a performer so the stage still has a big place in my heart. I also have a daughter who performs a lot; she is a musician and does music, a new young talent, and the stage is her second home.

Theater Room

Theater Room is one of our most multi-functional lecture rooms, because it can be used for product launches, hybrid meetings and lectures among other things. It is suitable for up to 80 persons.

  • If I were to design a room for HUONE, it would be Safari Room, with an atmosphere like an African safari. That would be really nice. There would be chairs shaped as animals like a giraf or a zebra, or a sofa with the shape of a lion.
  • Working for HUONE has taught me a special kind of trust. At HUONE, we can trust each other and that people are doing what they say they are going to do. People are going to be there for you, that is, both in leadership and between colleagues.
  • My secret talent is music. Music plays a big role in my life. I am still DJ’ing and never stopped. But I come from a musical family. My wife is trained in classical piano, I play synthesizers, drums and percussion, my daughter plays the piano and is a singer as well. Almost all of my family are trained musicians and work professionally in the field.
  • Three words that make me smile are Summer because I come from a very hot place in Africa. It is very cold here so the word Summer tickles my heart; kids because of their humanity and purity. I have done theatre with kids which was the best, and I enjoy everything about being a father; tropical fruits because it is something I really miss. There are some fruits that can only be found in Africa and Asia.

Ammar Fargalla

Ammar is passionate about creating quality event experiences with attention to detail. Ammar has many talents and uses his creativity to find the best solutions. 

Based on Ammar Fargalla’s experience from HUONE his event tip is:

Pay attention to the details. People tend to focus on the big picture, but an organizer needs to be on top of the details. The things people don’t see immediately, because they are very important to create a cohesive event.

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