People of HUONE: Michala Vinther

The next in line for the People of HUONE series is… Michala Vinther, Sales & Events Coordinator at HUONE Copenhagen! Since joining HUONE in August 2021, she has shared her year-long expertise in meeting and events. She is also known for being a family person, both at home and at HUONE. Get to know Michala better here!

  • What I do at HUONE is to have the daily contact with the customers that want to visit us and those who return. I coordinate the event once it is confirmed so we have all the details in place – everything from potential allergies to number of mikrophones and the agenda. I then assist the guests in whatever they may need throughout the day alongside our team.

    People of HUONE Michala Vinther
    Michala Vinther’s favorite room at HUONE Copenhagen, Moss Room, with real moss from the woods. 
  • The most unusual thing about HUONE is definitely our rooms! I have not yet seen a place in Copenhagen or nearby that has so many different rooms with that many different possibilities. That is also what we hear from our customers. Something else that is quite unique, is the staff here. We are a family. We help each other, we have each other’s backs and together, we make sure that things run smoothly and can be done, and that there is a great atmosphere here – both for our guests and us.
  • My favourite room at HUONE is Moss Room. It has an aura of calm and tranquility, and something informal. Here, people can let go of tensions if they have those and simply relax. The room also encourages people to thinks outside the box and be creative, and the light and the green colour create a positive atmosphere. And then there is of course the moss-covered wall in itself which is a spectacular piece of nature we have brought into our venue. That is quite special.

    People of HUONE Michala Vinther
    Michala Vinther finds calm and focus when being around nature elements in our meeting rooms. She tries to convey that mood to our guests as well. 
  • If I were to design a room for the next HUONE unit, it would be … inspired by the Norwegian outdoors and the colours would reflect nature’s dark and light. The room would send the participant into the mountain landscapes where nature’s presence would be clear and rustic.
  • Working at HUONE has taught me the impact of creative design and thinking on our daily lives and the meetings of our customers. At HUONE open houses, I always notice how all of us quickly connect with our inner child. People touch and sense the rooms and immediately imagine themselves having their events there.
  • My secret talent is to connect the dots and match the wishes of the guest with our meeting concept. Everything is possible in my view. Instead of simply saying that ideas cannot be done, I guide the guest in the direction of how and where – and if – there is a match between them and HUONE.
  • Three words that make me smile: Family, both my own and HUONE, and life in general.


    Based on my experience at HUONE Copenhagen, a tip for a better meeting experience is… 

    to sometime turn off the screen during meetings – I think that it will help people keep eye contact and look more at each other.  There is a sense of commitment about a non-screen meeting which is perhaps easier to implement at small meetings as opposed to bigger events with a facilitator.

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