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Bicycle Room

Suitable for max 56 persons

Ferris Wheel Room

Suitable for max 12 persons

Greenhouse Room

Suitable for max 15 persons

Greenland Room

Suitable for max 14 persons

Lakeview Room

Suitable for max 34 persons

Mermaid Room

Suitable for max 20 persons

Nyhavn Room

Suitable for max 32 persons

Port Room

Suitable for max 25 persons

Strand Room

Suitable for max 130 persons

Theatre Room

Suitable for max 80 persons

Viking Room

Suitable for max 40 persons

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As a conference attendee, you should preferably leave a conference filled with new knowledge, inspiration and ideas. You have to feel like you didn’t waste your time and that you are now better equipped to face challenges, fulfil a specific goal or to manage the business in which you are employed. Unfortunately, this is far too rarely the case.

If you hold a conference that is not carefully thought through and well planned, you run the risk of attendees leaving with a feeling of having wasted their time. They may only remember half of what they have heard during the day, and, instead of feeling inspired and motivated, they feel unmotivated and disinterested.

Would you like to hold an inspiring and different conference? Then you should definitely rent conference rooms at HUONE. We break with the classic and tedious conference stereotype. Instead, we turn the conference into a fruitful and memorable experience. We create a creative environment that inspires your conference attendees and makes them receptive to the knowledge, ideas, and presentations of the program. When hosting your conference through HUONE, it becomes a pleasure to be a guest.

Conference rooms with character

The special thing about HUONE’s conference rooms is that they all embrace a particular theme. This theme helps determine the design and decoration of the rooms so you can hold your conference in a festival, theatre or beach room. We offer conference rooms in Copenhagen with room for up to 180 conference attendees.

By moving the conference from being a dull and monotonous room into being a creative and different environment, you make the conference something special. With conference rooms that awaken the senses of the attendees, you pave the way for creativity. This means that everyone leaves the conference with a feeling of being inspired.

In other words, when you book conference rooms in Copenhagen through HUONE, you have the opportunity to give your conference guests a unique experience. You ensure they never forget this particular conference, and you make sure they feel the conference was worth their time.

Rent conference rooms in Copenhagen and get a complete package deal:

When you rent conference rooms in Copenhagen at HUONE, we not only discard the physical frames. We only have tailor-made and personal solutions that make sense in relation to exactly the conference you are going to hold. We do not like standardized events, and we do not like standardized conference rooms.

When you rent rooms for your conference through us, event coordinators are always present throughout the event. If you need help getting the technical equipment on the location to work or need to print a few name tags, our event coordinators are ready to help. Furthermore, our kitchen will prepare tasty meals during the day.

Do you want to hold a conference that is both educational, different and inspiring? Then rent conference rooms in Copenhagen at HUONE. We dare promise you that it will be unlike any event your attendees are used to participate in. It will let the creativity run freely.

Regardless of the conference’s purpose, subject and size, you can find a conference room at HUONE which is absolutely perfect for you and your attendees. We have rethought the conference rooms so you get an inspiring and exciting conference in Copenhagen.

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