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At HUONE we break with the monotonous and tedious lecture rooms. We believe that creativity is encouraged by inspiring and unique surrounding. That’s why all of our rooms in Copenhagen are designed with a special theme. Each theme is consistent throughout the interior design and decor of the room, and it provides a unique and innovative setting for your lecture.

You can, for example, give your lecture in our Lapland, greenhouse or Viking room. No matter what mood you want to create, we have lecture rooms in Copenhagen that are absolutely perfect for you. By moving the lecture guests out of their usual settings and into an innovative space, it will definitely be a productive lecture that your attendees/participants will not soon forget.

HUONE is much more than just renting training rooms

At HUONE, we do offer rental of lecture rooms. However, we offer much more than that as we are just as concerned with having a successful event as you are. That’s why we always go the extra mile to make sure your lecture becomes a success. So far, we have co-hosted more than 6,000 successful events, and they are successful simply because of all the time and thought we put into each event. 

When you choose to give your lecture in one of our lecture rooms in Copenhagen, there will always bean event coordinator present. The event coordinator can, for example, be of assistance if you have problems with any of the technical equipment you find at our locations. Likewise, the coordinator is ready if you need to print a few sheets or if one of the guests needs guidance to find the right lecture room. In short, the event coordinator is there to ensure that your lecture runs smoothly – and, in fact, even better.

If you need food during the day or evening, our kitchen can easily handle it. In addition, we can help plan various types of activities and entertainment if you need a break during the lecture. We simply tailor the solution so your lecture becomes perfect. Regardless of the subject, purpose, a number of attendees/participants and structure of the lecture, we can help you organize a unique event.

Rental of rooms close to everything

Our lecture rooms in Copenhagen are located very close to Copenhagen Airport, also called Kastrup. Our rooms are thus ideally located if you are visited by international guests. At the same time, our lecture rooms are close to the centre of Copenhagen, and they are also only a 15 minutes drive to, and from, Sweden. If you choose to rent training rooms through HUONE, you and your lecture attendees/participants are therefore close to everything, and it is easy to get to and from the lecture, whether the attendees come by plane, by car or by bike.

If you want to emphasize that it takes place in Copenhagen, you can choose to give your lecture in our Nyhavn or mermaid room, which is naturally inspired by The Little Mermaid. There are enough possibilities to make your attendees/participants feel needed/welcome and acknowledged.

Regardless of which lecture room you choose, you can be quite sure that you give your lecture attendees/participants a different and inspiring experience when renting training rooms in Copenhagen at HUONE. The attendees will leave the lecture inspired, motivated and with renewed energy – just as they should.

At HUONE, we have done away with the boring and standardized premises for lectures. We simply believe that the physical setting plays a role when it comes to how much the attendees/participants take away from your event. At the same time, we are aware that renting of lecture and training rooms is not just about the room you are staying in. It is about creating an atmosphere and an event that both you and we can be proud of. We know that your lecture is something special, and we always accommodate that.

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