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Bicycle Room

Suitable for max 56 persons

Dining Area

Suitable for max 150 persons

Mezzanine Lounge

Suitable for max 300 persons

Strand Room

Suitable for max 130 persons

Theatre Room

Suitable for max 80 persons

Viking Room

Suitable for max 40 persons

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The very special thing about HUONE is that each of our event rooms in Copenhagen embraces a special theme. You can, therefore, choose to hold your event in our festival, Viking or beach room. We have event rooms that fit everything from 6 to 180 guests, so, regardless of the size of your event, you can find a suitable room at HUONE Copenhagen.

The atmosphere and decorations in each of our 20 venues in Copenhagen are completely unique. The themed event rooms create the perfect setting for your event, and by choosing the right room, you can help influence what impression your event will make on the guests.

At HUONE, our event venues are not just a practical measure and a physical space you can stay in. At HUONE, the venues help define your event and create a very special atmosphere that excites the creativity, curiosity and senses among the guests.

Rent an event room, but get much more than that

You have the opportunity to rent event rooms in Copenhagen at HUONE. However, you will get much more than that when you choose us as your event co-host. Together we create a tailor-made package solution that makes your event stand out from the crowd. We simply do not have standardized solutions.

When you hold your event in one of our event rooms in Copenhagen, there will always be an event coordinator present throughout the event. The event coordinator helps to ensure that everything is progressing according to plan – or possibly even better. Whatever help you need during the day or evening, our event coordinator is ready to assist.

When renting event rooms through HUONE, we can also provide exquisite food and drinks. In addition, we can arrange the planning of various kinds of activities and entertainment for your event. For example, if you are having a company party, we can arrange everything from wine tasting or cocktails, to a magic or comedy gig. Depending on the nature of the event, we will jointly find the perfect plan for your event.

HUONE has already participated in more than 6,000 successful events. Should yours be the next in line? Feel free to contact us so we can figure out exactly what you need and what HUONE can deliver.

Tailored events that make an impression

Whether it is a product launch, a Christmas party or a lecture you are planning, at HUONE, we can help you achieve your goals. Some of our event rooms are large, open and bright, while others are intimate and cozy. In other words, you can find event rooms for any type of event at HUONE.

Our event rooms in Copenhagen are located very close to Copenhagen Airport which makes HUONE the obvious pick if international guests fly in for your event. At the same time, our event rooms are close to the center, and it’s only a 15-minute drive to and from Sweden. In short, you are close to everything when you choose to rent one of our event rooms in Copenhagen.

All our event rooms are equipped with modern technical equipment so you can easily give a presentation or lecture. The premises are soundproof so that you won’t be disturbed by external noise – or even disturb others if the company party develops. At HUONE we try to think about everything and will be at your assistance from start to finish. This makes it an easy game for you to hold an event that really impresses the participants.

Would you like to make sure your event becomes a memorable one? Then rent an event room through HUONE. With us, there is nothing left to chance and we put as much dedication, time and thought into your event as you do. We have helped create thousands of creative events, and therefore you can confidently rent an event room at HUONE.

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