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Blocks Room

Suitable for max 14 persons

Ferris Wheel Room

Suitable for max 12 persons

Flow Room

Suitable for max 14 persons

Framery Meeting Bubble

Suitable for max 6 persons

Greenhouse Room

Suitable for max 15 persons

Greenland Room

Suitable for max 14 persons

Hut Room

Suitable for max 20 persons

Lapland Room

Suitable for max 18 persons

Mermaid Room

Suitable for max 20 persons

Origami Room

Suitable for max 9 persons

Puzzle Room

Suitable for max 15 persons

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At HUONE we break up with the traditional meeting. We want to create a setting for creative idea development that creates results. Meetings that do not lead to anything must end, and we have to stop wasting the most important resource: your time.

HUONE has already hosted more than 6,000 successful events. If you need to rent meeting rooms in Copenhagen, you have come to the right place. With the help of HUONE, it is not just another meeting that you can’t wait to finish. When you rent meeting rooms with us, your meeting becomes more enjoyable, productive and creative. In addition, it becomes easier to host the meeting, as we handle all practical matters.

Rent meeting rooms at HUONE and make the meeting a real pleasure

It’s a shame that meetings are often going to seem like a wasted effort. For too many people, a meeting can’t finish soon enough, and often the participants leave with a feeling that they have not moved the least bit closer to the goal. It’s a waste of everyone’s time, and it’s simply not appropriate.

Do you want to deal with unproductive and boring meetings? If not, go ahead and rent meeting rooms through HUONE. With us, you get creative meeting rooms that are so far from a boring office environment as possible. Each of our meeting rooms at Kastrup Airport is decorated with a special theme in mind, which is consistent for both interior design and decoration.

By rethinking our meeting rooms, a much more creative and inspiring environment is created. The different meeting rooms give you the will to create, develop and work towards a common goal. When you rent meeting rooms in Copenhagen at HUONE, you do not just get the physical surroundings. You get the opportunity to have your meeting in an inspiring and productive environment that helps you and the other participants towards your common goals.

Instead of being drained of energy, you will feel motivated and inspired when you leave. You will feel that together you and your team have moved forward and that the meeting has been worth it.

HUONE is much more than just meeting rooms in Copenhagen

You do have the opportunity to book meeting rooms in Copenhagen through HUONE but in reality, you book much more than just a room. When you choose to host your meeting in one of our creative meeting rooms, you will get a complete package solution that ensures that your meeting goes according to plan – and even better yet.

Event coordinators are always present when you have your meeting at HUONE. They will help get the technical equipment on the location to work or print the sheets you forgot to bring with you on the go. There is always a personal service assistant associated with it from start to finish so nothing will stand in the way of getting the maximum out of your meeting.

In every meeting room, there is high-speed internet and all our creative meeting rooms are of course soundproof. Our kitchen prepares delicious breakfast, lunch and snacks, and should you need a small break during the meeting, we can arrange exciting and entertaining activities. We “simply” tailor the meeting to suit your business, meeting participants and the goal you are working towards.

We have meeting rooms in Copenhagen – more specifically at Kastrup Airport – that suit meetings of all sizes and for purposes. We know your time is valuable and your business is something special. Therefore, you will not only get a meeting room by going with HUONE. You get a creative space that in every way inspires to create results. You get an end-to-end solution that suits your business and personalized service all the way through.

Do you want to deal with bland and mundane meetings? Want to find creative solutions and achieve results? Then you should rent your meeting room in Copenhagen at HUONE. We will make the meeting a real pleasure for every participant.

Book your creative meeting room here!