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Event Coordinators — Who Are They and How They Make Sure Your Events Will Never Be the Same Again

What do you call a day that was full of expectations, then the logistics didn’t work, you had no time to interact with people, you were too stressed to do your presentation well, and as a result, the audience wasn’t engaged. It’s the meeting day you screwed up. Pssst, we are here to help. Ever heard of Event Coordinators and wondered, who are they and what do they do? Event Coordinators are here to transform your events, which will never be the same again.

Big meeting day coming up, looking for that meeting venue, wondering how to get your day properly planned..

Event Coordinator unicorns, where are you hidin’?!

Hey, we at HUONE got you! Come to mama and we provide you with our expertise and solutions to all your event problems. But first, let me take a selfie let us explain who our Event Coordinators are, and why they are so special and dear.

Book Your Event, Get a Personal Event Coordinator

First you book your event on HUONE website, then there’s a decade of silence until your event day is behind the corner. Or… NOT.

We are proud of our great personal service. Once you book your event, we assign a personal Event Coordinator for you. Our Event Coordinator will email you right after booking to confirm the date and the basic logistics. Then a week before the meeting, they will pick up the phone, dial your number, and make sure everything’s going as agreed. Thanks to our frequent touchpoint with you, we own your event and it will go smooooth (it’s true — our customers value our personal service greatly). 

So let’s wrap it up: you book your event with us, your personal Event Coordinator is in touch with you by email and by phone to align on your event day wishes and logistics. The event takes place and is pure magic — you are very happy and clapping your hands. 

Event Coordinators Know All About Logistics

Our Event Coordinators are masterminds that check everything. Before your event, they will doublecheck allergies, food wishes, basic logistics, technology, arrival and departure times, that someone will be in the reception to guide your guests upon their arrival, and so on. We always ensure information is passed to everyone in the team. This means that every single one of our colleagues is able to cover your event if need be.

Event Coordinators also cover basic stationery. They make sure your room has an HDMI wire, flipcharts, basic stationery, post-its, and all this at no extra charge. A bit more on the post its: we would like to highlight that there is an unlimited free flow supply of post-its — this has got to be our strongest selling point.

Are you looking for special activities or entertainment? HUONE Event Coordinators know the best partners in the market, and we can help you find the right kind of event entertainment. In fact, HUONE offers a holistic package for your events, you really don’t need a 3rd party to manage your event when you book with us. We ensure every event held with us is offered personal service and guidance.

HUONE Event Coordinators Give a Damn When It Matters

There’s a sea of similarities out there in the event world, but we are not afraid to stand out. Added value — short and simple, but that’s what you get when you book with us. You might close the meeting room door during your event at HUONE, but guess what, we still care what happens after. At this point, our competitors would sigh of relief, disappear and leave you to deal with everything alone. But we are here to stick with you, it’s one for the team!

We are visible in your event and we care about it. If we don’t care, we shouldn’t be in this industry. We are outcome focused and want to make sure you get the maximum for your time with us. Therefore our Event Coordinators are trained to always think of your perspective first. In fact, our Sales and Event Coordinator teams have exactly the same knowledge of meetings, meaning we don’t sell unrealistic expectations.

A quick example of how adorable our Event Coordinators are: one of them even sent a chocolate taster to a customer before their event day! So, better be nice to our Event Coordinators 😉 We always go the extra mile for you, because we care about the success of your event.

Thanks to our Event Coordinators, our customers leave satisfied. If there are any issues, we don’t practice brushing under the rag. Instead, we always give a call to an unsatisfied customer. We learn from your feedback, hence it’s essential for us to understand where we can still improve.

Event Coordinator Insider Tips to Events

What would HUONE Event Coordinators give you advice on? Let’s meet Liisi, she’s one of our Event Coordinator Superstars!

So Liisi, tell us something that all events have in common?

“There’s always someone who leaves their black laptop charger behind. My tip is to tape your business card on your charger, so when you forget it, we can easily reach out to you directly.”

In fact just a few weeks ago, Liisi kindly collected a forgotten charger from a meeting room, called the customer and went to meet her halfway at the Finnish Opera House to return the charger. On a Friday night. That’s how dedicated we are.

Awesome Liisi! Now, what would you say is a success factor for good events?

“Communication makes events successful, and that’s also our strength at HUONE. We are in touch with you directly so we know everything about your event day, and can serve you with our expertise. We always ask what kind of an event you’re planning, what your goal is, and how many people you are inviting. Based on that we can recommend a room seating format and layout for you. We have experience in what works and what doesn’t when creating events.

That’s quite a bit on our Event Coordinators. Tell you what, we are not sure they are humans — that’s how amazing they are. When booking with HUONE, you get a full event package with personal, customised service. You have access to our Event Coordinators’ knowledge, know-how and recommendations, in fact, they do all the thinking for you.

So… When life gives you an Event Coordinator, make the most use of it and have a fabulous event! Your events will never be the same again because we are freaking awesome!

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