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Facilitation Tools for Hybrid Meetings(E-Book)

You need different facilitation tools for different goals! We share concrete facilitation tools that we frequently use at HUONE, which will also work in a hybrid meeting setting. With these tools, you can, lead the discussion in the right direction, make decisions, or help the group come up with new ideas. Squeeze the last juicy drops out of your meetings and also have fun! Pick your favourites out 20 tools for the right moments, and let us know what you think 😉

HUONE’s ‘Facilitation Tools hybrid meetings e-Book’ will help you to

  • refresh your knowledge on what facilitation is about
  • understand why you need different facilitation tools with different aims
  • learn facilitation tools to warm up
  • learn facilitation tools to get the conversations and discussions flow
  • learn facilitation tools to make a decision and to end the meeting effectively

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