Wine Room

Suitable for max 10 persons


Full-bodied with notes of oak – it’s a description you’d welcome on any vintage. But it also describes our room Wine. Designed to distill your ideas to their best, or add new flavors to your business this is our comfiest room. It encourages your team to get close, so it’s perfect for brainstorming sessions and internal trainings or meetings. Both relaxed and formal meetings find this the ideal space. Small private dinners can also be arranged easily – let loose with wine tastings during the evening!

Virtual and hybrid meeting technology can be arranged to all our meeting rooms.

Explore Wine Room in 3D


  • 65″ screen, with HDMI & VGA cords
  • JBL soundsystem
  • Free Wi-Fi connection
  • Writing materials
  • Flip chart
  • Event Coordinator’s support
  • Room size 29 m¬≤
  • Wine room is located on 1,5 floor

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