People of HUONE: Jay Sooklud

Next in line for the People of HUONE series is…Jay (Somkiet)Sooklud, a chef and one of the oldest members of HUONE Helsinki. Jay is famous for his delicious food(obviously!) and for his mood-booster kitchen Thai music. He is also known for not letting anyone leave HUONE hungry. Get to know him more 🙂

  • My role as a chef at HUONE means… that it’s all about feeding our customers! It involves of course cooking, but there’s a lot more to my day such as menu planning, price control, ordering, doing inventory, baking, carving…etc.  I always try to look for new things which I can include in our menus.

Food is not only the fuel for the body, but also for our minds.

  • The most interesting thing about HUONE is… that you feel like you’re part of a family. It’s a workplace, where I have people I can trust, who got my back if I need any help. It feels warm to be coming to work. It could be because I mainly had worked in a bigger kitchen that is a part of a hotel, before moving to Finland.

  • My faviorite room is… Cabana-huone because it’s cozy and you feel at ease. Also, it works great for small, chill afterwork 🙂

  • If I were to design a room for the next HUONE unit, it would be … a theatre or entertainment room. Sound and visuals are very important in my opinion in a meeting room. And imagine if you were to upgrade everything to very high-quality systems, which allow a more immersive experience like in a movie theatre. An entertainment system such as karaoke for company parties, can be also implemented perhaps?
  • Working at HUONE has taught me…. having great colleagues mean a lot to me,  and working at HUONE pushes me to be more creative. Also, I learned to plan and manage my work better, however, I also learned that there’s so much one can plan. As a chef, I learned to seek solutions quickly rather than dwell on the challenges presented to me. Lastly, HUONE is never without a surprise.
  • My secret talent or skill is… singing 🙂

Three words that make me smile are … who made this?🤩

(Image: Jay’s fruit carving art, contact us if you want a special treat for your group!😉)

Based on my experience working at HUONE Helsinki, a tip for a better meeting experience is …

to always allocate enough time for having a meal. Do value and make the best of the time you’re having a meal together. I believe having a meal together is crucial for connecting with people better, for making the conversations flow better, which is what you always need.   

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