Kick off your Autumn 2021 fresh at HUONE!

6 things to consider for a sucessful kickoff at huone

Time to get back to business, IN-PERSON! Kick off your Autumn of 2021 fresh and effective at HUONE without any hassle! Autumn 2021 kick-offs are particularly more important when you haven’t had any face-to-face meetings for so long with your team. Start planning and sharing and vision for the rest of 2021 and more. Here are 6 things you need to consider for a successful autumn 2021 Kick-off! 

6 Things You Need for a Successful Kick-off

1. Inspiring space and rooms to set the atmosphere.

HUONE is an award-winning creative business meeting & event venue. Space influence our behaviour greatly, and you do not want to go for a dull, boring space. Choose instead, a creative, inspiring room from Kamppi & Jätkäsaari, from small to midsize events. When organizing a hybrid event you can have hundreds of participants virtually. Do check out more about our rooms.

inspirational space for your kick off at HUONE helsinki

2. No-Hassle for you. Fewer middlemen, the better

HUONE is a full-service venue. We make organising meeting easy, and hassle-free. We take care of everything, you can just come and focus on your day. 

  • Private room for your group, ready and set-up according to your wishes
  • Your own HUONE Event Coordinator to assist you from the beginning
  • Reception service for welcoming and guiding your guests
  • Meeting amenities such as flip chart and post-its and Meeting A/V equipment
  • On-site Event Host to make sure everything flows smoothly
  • Free flow of organic coffee and tea in the lounge area
  • Meeting catering of your choice (breakfast, lunch, snacks during the break and etc.)

3. Hybrid Kick off event option

HUONE also offers reliable, effective hybrid meeting solutions. You can have some guests present on-site and some attend the meeting remotely. The techniques have been tested and used by many of our customers already with great results. Check out our hybrid meeting packages.

autumn 2021 kick off at huone helsinki_1

(Previous hybrid event examples in Container-room, Electro, Countryroad-room)

4. Your Goal is important

People don’t want to buy a quarter-inch drill. They want a quarter-inch hole!

Your goal is important for HUONE. We understand our customers don’t pay for just a ‘room.’ They have a goal to achieve during the time they spend in HUONE and expect a pleasant meeting experience overall. We care about your event goal and we know to ask. All are taken into account prior to the event so you can stay focused on the content.

5. Delicious servings to keep the energy levels high during the Kick off

Breakfast, lunch and all other items for your kick-off will be served as individual portions according to your schedule. Dinner or perhaps a glass of sparkling will make the day and treat your participants.

autumn 2021 kickoff at huone helsinki_1(Both HUONE Kamppi & Jätkäsaari prepare every day fresh meals from its own kitchen)

6. Easily combine the day agenda with a relaxed after-work/evening

After an intensive day, you might want to treat your attendees to something more relaxed. We offer delicious dinners and also have our own bar if you wish to stay to mingle and enjoy a glass of something.. We can also suggest programs to make your kick-off more memorable. How about a virtual magic show, drink school, wine tasting or a round of games during a hybrid event? 

autumn 2021 kick off at huone helsinki_1

+ Safer Meeting

HUONE has been committed to providing the safest possible environment for business meetings and events since the beginning of the pandemic last year. As a leader in the industry, HUONE has benchmarked best practices to ensure safety. We are continuing to monitor the situation closely and follow the restrictions set by the authorities. You can check more about our strict safety measures in place, which protect the health of our guests and staff.

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