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Meet the winners of Nordic Business Forum 2018 VIP tickets!

Work at HUONE, and you might end up at Nordic Business Forum as a VIP guest!

Since 2016, every year in the beginning of September, the employees vote the best team player among their teammates to join Nordic Business Forum. This year, this unique opportunity goes to Veera (F&B Manager), and Juuso (Event Host) from HUONE Helsinki, and Trang (Executive Assistant), and Hera (Concept Specialist) from HUONE International.

You see, HUONE is all about people. We want to make sure that our people stay inspired and motivated. Even though HUONE is expanding fast to all the major cities in the world, we don’t know it all, but we make sure we are learning and improving every day.

One of the fortunate ones is Hera, Concept Specialist at HUONE International.

“It is definitely something I am very much looking forward to at the moment! Of course, the line of speakers and the whole event itself are very exciting, but more specifically, I’m looking forward to Amy Cuddy’s session: ‘Presence: Bringing Your Boldest Self to Your Biggest Challenges.“

Hera has been interested in social psychology in general, but especially became more so, since she joined HUONE.

“Social psychology has been always the starting point of everything we do, to provide our customers with better meeting experience. I am also hoping to share some insights and practical advices with my colleagues how to bring our best and ‘true’ self in our daily lives. So, BIG THANK YOU to the whole team and HUONE!”

There is a short final note Veera wants to pass on…

I looooove you president Obama!!!!!!!!!!! 

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