The price of your event is per person, with a minimum price per room. The number of people at your event can readily exceed the minimum price of the room, thus you are not paying any additional fees for the room. You are only paying for your guests.

Minimum Charge Examples

The minimum charge for booking the Library Room is 350 € per event. With an 8 h Meeting Package with Lunch for 6 persons, your total expenditure is 63 € x 6 pax = 378 €, which has exceeded the minimum charge. Your event’s total bill is 378 €, including local taxes.

In the case that you have a 8 h Meeting Package with Lunch for 4 persons, your total expenditure is 63 € X 4 pax = 252 €, which is under the minimum charge, then a 98 € difference will be charge as room rental or you can purchase other products to fill in the gap of 98 €. Your event’s total bill is at minimum 350 € including local taxes.

Package Options

Each package includes our excellent service, scrumptious food and beverages, and an intelligently designed space arranged for your success. But you can always add more to really make your meeting stand out, such as:

In-room serving

  • Food
  • Beverages


  • Extra room for the day
  • Computer
  • Event support
  • Program planning
  • Workshop assistance
  • Staging service


  • Motivational speaker
  • Team activation
  • Group activities
  • Performing artists


  • Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner Buffet
  • Coffee Breaks
  • Afterwork

Spend an evening in HUONE in a party or get together. We only charge for bought food and drinks. The evening event follows our minimum charges (see above) and includes local taxes. We make your event organizing easy so that You can also get to enjoy the evening with the guests.

NOTE: Saturdays all events, regardless of selected space, have a minimum charge.

Contact us for more info: or or call us at +358 (0)20 785 1440 (Finland) or + 65 6255 4793 (Singapore).