Think inside-the-box! Talk loudly at your pleasure!

The phone rings – it’s an important call! You don’t want to disturb the meeting you’re currently in, but you just can’t talk about this sensitive issue right now with your colleagues eavesdropping and have the focus solely on you. What do you do? Escape to the bathroom, shiver outside on the street, or just blurt out company secrets hoping no one hears?

According to research, our concentration is already worse than a goldfish’s, which ultimately makes minimizing disturbances at the office and in meetings more and more important. Continuous interruptions make it difficult to near impossible to settle down and concentrate. What’s worse is that this thwarts work progress and any goals for the day go out the window.

One effective antidote to this ever-present hassle is Framery, a soundproof telephone booth/meeting pod for 1 or 2 people. The Finnish-made Framery booths are taking over the world with speed and have become an oasis of tranquility in every modern office. The colorful and stylish booths also complement the meeting space requirements of the visitor at HUONE.

Framery booths are freely available for customers to use for Skype presentations, online meetings, as well as development discussions. They are a space into which you can retreat and remain undisturbed, yet the glass doors mean people can easily spot that the booth is reserved.

HUONE Singapore received new Framery booths in March, which are freely available for guests looking for a quick fix in an ill-timed moment or then the booths can be reserved in advance for a small fee for those more planned moments in life.

new framery booths arrived to HUONE Singapore

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