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4 Useful Apps for Executive Assistants

Are you always running out of time? With the variety of apps on the market, you should be able to find valuable help to manage your time better.

Finding the right apps does require time though, so we’ve done some research for you and listed those that you should start using right away.

1. How to manage the password chaos

The dilemma of multiple accounts and passwords is familiar to all of us. ‘What was the password again?’ Everyone is wasting a significant amount of time in trying to remember passwords. With a password manager app, you can not only forget your passwords but also keep them safely in an encrypted database behind one, single password. Check out applications such as  1password and F Secure Key. 

2. The Apps for all your tasks

Having a proper overview of all the things you need to get done is crucial in any job. Investing some time in planning results actually in better achievement, and less stress. Let an app be your planning companion.

Marketed as the ‘ultimate digital to-do list’, Todoist helps you to save your activities and tasks even offline, and the app will remind you of all of them. You can prioritize and add notes to each action. The app even gives you honest feedback on your productivity goals.

Another popular tasklist application,, is an award-winning, user-friendly app that connects seamlessly with Siri and Alexa, across all your devices. As Todoist, it helps you organize your tasks with a calendar that keeps track of your progress.

3. Find your focus

Too busy to think? Maybe you are not sure what is stealing your time? Let an app do the research and guide you to better decisions on your time management.

Rescue Time monitors your habits. It will encourage you not to spend time on social media for example. You will be surprised by how much time we waste during the day. RescueTime helps you to focus on your tasks and to clear your daily commitments effortlessly.

4. No more business cards everywhere

While printed business cards still exist, your smartphone can be easily used to manage them all.  With apps such as FullContact, you can turn your phone into a digital business card reader. Just take a picture of the business card, the app will automatically copy the details in your contacts. You can add details about where you met and what you discussed, or do it for your boss. When he or she needs the name of a company, it will be readily available for you. FullContact is an especially valuable app if you are doing business in Asia, where business cards are exchanged regularly.

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