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1 Year Anniversary with Covid-19

It has been a full year since most of the world started fighting the invisible enemy—Covid-19. HUONE, like many other companies in the meeting industry, has suffered. We wanted to capture and share evolving sentiment within the industry, as we respond to continuing challenges brought on by the global pandemic. Here is what HUONE family shared:

huone helsinki safer meeting


“My year has been a year with hope and despair following endlessly each other. On the other hand, it has been nice to spend some more time with the family (not sure what our teenagers think about that) but missing the other “family” HUONE and its people and customers. Also with heavy hearts thinking of HUONE colleagues who are not with us anymore, hoping everything is good with them. Praying to get the vaccinations ongoing faster as it is the only way forward from here. Wishing strength to all of us, especially entrepreneurs who keep this country floating! In the end, I would like to add wise words of ex. President of Finland, Mauno Koivisto “Yleensä elämässä on viisasta luottaa siihen, että kaikki menee hyvin. Yleensä se kannattaa siinäkin tapauksessa, ettei siihen edes uskoisi.”

– Kristian Katisko, Key account Manager, HUONE Helsinki

“The year has been extremely difficult for me to take personally. It’s like watching your child being sick for a whole year and not being able to do much about it. I’m doing my best to lead the company in overcoming this massive challenge. I can’t wait to see the world to get back to the new normal so that we can embrace human interactions and the joy of face-to-face meetings again.”

– Evon Blomstedt, Founder, and group CEO of HUONE

huone-Singapore Alvin Boon_2

“We came back from the lockdown with no businesses and not knowing what the future beholds. We started to go into businesses that we’ve never ventured into before such as food delivery and catering, we tried everything that could to pay our bills. 6 months on, with more restrictions being relaxed by the government, we are slowly but surely back in business. We are getting busier by the week. We are more tired because we are getting more events as compared before COVID. We are happier because we’ve achieved so much more with such a small team. And most importantly we are confident that the only direction that we are going is UP.”

– Alvin Boon, Operations Manager of HUONE Singapore


Louise HUONE Copenhagen

“The last year has been different. It should have been the year for HUONE Copenhagen to really take off and fly. We were excited for more Danes really get familiar with HUONE and with our amazing new venue in Copenhagen. Instead, it has been a challenging ‘surviving’ year with a lot of ups and downs.

However, it has been a learning experience; we have learned flexibility and the ability to adapt to new restrictions, words and feeling better than ever before. I am humbled to see the loyalty of our customers and also proud to see the extraordinary effort from my team has shown. It was still about giving our customers a memorable experience in spite of everything. I have no doubt we will use our learnings and use them in the following many years to come.”

– Louise Adolph, CEO of HUONE Copenhagen

huone helsinki safer meeting

It’s been exhausting and frustrating at times, but at the same time, we have learned a lot about ourselves as colleagues and as a company. The challenges have really brought us together. Our strong team and supportive customers have kept me going through a rough time. I’m looking towards the future with excitement and hope.”
– Anne Närhi, Operations Manager, HUONE Helsinki

Gosh, it has been A FULL YEAR. It is hard to believe. Work hasn’t been so stable, hobbies had to stop and I haven’t seen my family for long. I’m most grateful for having colleagues, who are continuously trying to do better, whilst also remembering checking on each other. I have been thinking about the future of work and the future of business meetings a lot. All I know for sure is that people miss each other, interactions, and face-to-face meetings and events. The industry won’t be the same, but I know the core will stay the same–it’s about Human to human” 

– Hera Choi, Concept Specialist, HUONE International

“A year ago, I was in shock. It was almost impossible to think of overcoming the crisis. With all the lay-offs, constant uncertainty and still, hope for better. It has been truly wonderful to see how the entire HUONE team stand by each other fighting week after week during a global epidemic! I cannot wait to see people smiling in face to face meetings again.”  

– Laura Tomula, Business Development Manager, HUONE International

Our customers definitely keep us going💛

The past year has been challenging for many. I truly hope you will continue to offer amazing space and better meetings after this pandemic. I cannot wait to see your smiling faces again! We desperately want to organize meetings again, but COVID is not allowing us to do so. When we can, we will be the first to call HUONE and enjoy your all-in-one meeting packages! Saara Rostedt, Lomarengas 

“I send you lots of fighting spirit to continue battling this Covid-time!”