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4 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Skip a Company Christmas Party 2021!

Don’t skip the company Christmas party 2021! Yes, here we are again. It seems like a déjà vu…(just a bit). Many are contemplating what to do with the Christmas season, as the pandemic drags on. We feel you! To help with the challenge, and we share 4 reasons why you should still organise a Christmas party this year. 

“We’ve had a virtual company summer and Christmas party in 2020. Again this year, the summer party 2021 will be in a virtual format. We are a big company, so I understand the situation. I also know everyone who has planned the events, and they’ve put A LOT of effort into creating them, which I really appreciate. HOWEVER, I do miss it, gathering in a place outside of work, everyone’s in a festive mode, laughing, good food, music…all of that” – a customer of HUONE 

4 Reasons why you shouldn’t skip company Christmas party 2021

  1. Rekindle the sense of belonging 
  2. Team bonding 
  3. Opportunity to thank everyone in-person 
  4. About time for some glam 

1. Rekindle the sense of belonging 

We all share a desire to be part of a team. Many have been working remotely, and some might feel left out. You may be working with others all the time, but talking over the screen does not do the same. Also, some may be working a lot alone as the tasks do not require a lot of ‘talking’ with others. Regardless of the case, remote work makes you feel distant from your colleagues and your team. An event like a company Christmas party is a perfect opportunity to remind everyone they are still part of a team, fun, collaborative, and intelligent group of people! 

2. Team bonding

We know you have put a lot of effort into this past year; Virtual team building activities, virtual ice-breakers, hosting virtual afterwork drinks are just a few examples. However, nothing beats being in the same room. Being able to talk to someone in a casual setting, after 16+ months of almost screen-only communication makes a real difference. 

You can organise a ‘Team Christmas party’ instead of a company-wide one. When you downsize the gathering for example, with your department, project team and etc. it will actually make the gathering more intimate, and less intimidating, which eventually should boost the overall satisfaction of the event.

reasons to organise pikkujoulu

3. Opportunity to thank your team in-person 

Getting a thank you message over an email is nice, but it’s much better if it happens in front of you. Make it more real and impactful by making eye contact, doing it in person. We promise it will be more powerful. It is also a great opportunity to celebrate employees who have gone above and beyond, especially during challenging times. 

The award ceremony can be easily incorporated during the company Christmas party. It is another way to do this and a small gift can be arranged. We urge you to be innovative with your gifts as well! For instance, if you know the best salesperson of the year is passionate about hiking, how about getting something related to that?

reasons to organise pikkujoulu

4. It’s about time for some Glam 

Let’s be honest. It’s about time to get out of our comfy sweatpants. Did you know that “What to wear to the company Christmas party” is a very popular question searched on google every year? This year might be even more popular since we have been longing for a day out. Dressing up makes people happy. If putting on your ‘work’ clothes at home helps you with motivation and concentration, dressing up for a company party can definitely lift the mood up. 

Moreover, working from home means no worrying about going from your working day clothes to getting your glam on in the office toilets? 

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