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4 Reasons Why People Don’t Want to Be Managers

By johanna

A few years ago on holiday in New Zealand, I met a man, Sam, who had recently relocated from London to Dunedin, a charming University city on the east coast of the South Island. He was working as a wildlife guide in a nature reserve in the Otago Peninsula, a place too beautiful to describe. … Continued

New Year’s Resolutions for Better Meeting Behaviour

By johanna

It’s that time of the year when everyone starts sharing their ‘New Year’s resolutions’ at work. ‘Next year I’ll stop smoking’, says Karl; ‘Next year I’ll drink less alcohol’ says Jane; ‘Next year I will eat healthily, go to the gym at least two times a week, train for a marathon…’, closes Betty. Sure! Charming, … Continued

4 Steps to avoid working during your next holidays

By johanna

The holiday season is coming up. Soon we’ll be all celebrating and taking that long deserved break from work. Or are we? With our hectic ways of life, work tends to hunt us also during our breaks, be it weekends or holidays. For many, learning to unplug has become almost impossible. No wonder the trend … Continued

Meet the winners of Nordic Business Forum 2018 VIP tickets!

By marinecrepiat

Work at HUONE, and you might end up at Nordic Business Forum as a VIP guest! Since 2016, every year in the beginning of September, the employees vote the best team player among their teammates to join Nordic Business Forum. This year, this unique opportunity goes to Veera (F&B Manager), and Juuso (Event Host) from … Continued

Colleagues with “Benefits”

By marinecrepiat

One of the most common reasons people stay at a job is their relationship with their coworkers. While I cannot exactly relate to this, I can easily name 5 friends who would raise their hands in agreement. Residing in a stressful and competitive country, work is a big part of our lives and we easily … Continued

HUONE Takes Steps to Build Employee Excellence

By marinecrepiat

‘Never in a million years, will you run to your parent proud and announce: Meet me, the future waitress!’ HUONE never started in an industry that is appealing. This is an industry where your hands get dirty, you can’t feel your legs after being on your feet the whole day. This is not an industry … Continued

Top 5 (+1) Reasons to Join HUONE

By greg

HUONE is growing fast and expanding all over the world. We offer a lot of opportunities to everyone who joins us. So we know there are many reasons to be a part of HUONE, but here are the top five. We are a Family: HUONE is run like a family, which means we care about … Continued