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Sandbox: A Room of Possibilities

You hear the word ‘sandbox’ and you’re transported immediately to childhood and time spent in the park or the playground building sandcastles or exploring desert islands. You remember all the stories you told and the realms you constructed, the kingdoms that fought off invading hordes, or were home to countless insects. So much was possible, anything could be done with your will and imagination alone. Well, HUONE wants you to return to that feeling every time you have a meeting.

We designed Sandbox for that purpose – to place you in a space that allows you the freedom to create with enough structure to be productive. As HUONE Singapore’s CEO Joewin Tan, says ,’ The Sandbox Room is a fun room, based on the idea of a children’s playground, with pods to climb into, a swing on the terrace and different levels to play with. That room serves perfectly for brainstorming sessions.’

Our design process for all our rooms involves HUONE’s Group CEO, Evon Söderlund, working closely with the designer to impart her vision and knowledge of meetings and events. These are built to Evon’s exacting specifications, and include a level of versatility unseen in your regular meeting rooms found at other venues. As Joewin says, ‘It’s the place where you might spend a full working day sometimes and we want that day to be fruitful. Our rooms are designed specifically to achieve that goal. We don’t want our customers to waste their time and we want them to come back because they know they can gain something from doing so.’

creative conference room huone singapore clarke quay Sandbox room

Sandbox brings people close without you having to get down and dirty, scuffing up your shoes or filling your socks with sand. Instead, you can sit comfortably along the edges of the central area as you throw ideas back and forth. Your team gets to build ideas from the ground up and literally be hands-on as they do. The swing, cubbys and bean-bag chairs continue the theme of this room being a playground for your ideas by giving you a break and a change of perspective from what you’re working on. As series as you took your games as a child it was always about having fun.

‘In our experience the environment has an impact on the flow and the outcome of the meeting,’ says Joewin.

That’s why each of our rooms are different. You won’t find another space like Sandbox, even in our other venues like Helsinki. Sandbox offers an opportunity to our guests to vary their approaches to discussing and sharing their ideas, to explore just as they did when children. And you see no one as imaginative as children, so we hope we can get our clients comfortable enough that they can be as insightful and carefree as they once were. Because we know their work will be better for it.

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creative conference room huone singapore clarke quay Sandbox room