Sandbox Room

Suitable for max 37 persons


Venture into the Sandbox Room at HUONE Singapore: A Space for Innovative Encounters and Playful Engagement

Embark on an explorative mission in the Sandbox Room at HUONE Singapore, where business meets creativity in a playful and adaptable setting. Like an imaginative playground for the mind, this room’s modular design and eclectic decor make it more than just a space; it’s a nurturing ground for innovation and interaction. Crafted with care to boost your event’s success and engagement, every detail in the Sandbox Room aims to enhance your meeting experience, offering a flexible, sandbox-like environment that stimulates lively, creative thinking. Perfect for team-building exercises, engaging workshops, or dynamic training sessions, it’s a place that encourages active participation and inventive brainstorming. The Sandbox Room is your creative pitstop where ideas take shape in an atmosphere of fun and flexibility, making it an ideal landscape for visionary planners and interactive sessions.

HUONE Singapore Sandbox Room - Event Space, Function Room, Meeting Room, Conference Room, Seminar Room, Training Room, Workshop Room, Classroom

Sandbox – a versatile event space that transforms from active workshops to strategic meetings, featuring an entrance marked with the room’s Finnish name and a peek of the verdant balcony.

Immersive Innovation in the Sandbox Room: Where Play Meets Purpose at HUONE

The stage for unparalleled events is not confined to the singular charm of the Sandbox Room but extends throughout HUONE, where every area is a thematic adventure in its own right. Within our vibrant ecosystem of inventive spaces, the Sandbox Room thrives, drawing from the collective energy of diverse meeting environments. The moment you step through our doors, you’re greeted with an atmosphere bristling with collaborative spirit, flowing into the serene and adaptable realm of your private event space. At HUONE, the journey is as vital as the destination. Each aspect, from the playful decor to the versatile setting, is thoughtfully orchestrated to facilitate a journey that transcends boundaries, ensuring that your gathering is not just a static experience but a chapter in a larger, more dynamic story of creativity and connection.

HUONE Singapore Common Area - Event Space, Function Room, Meeting Room, Conference Room, Seminar Room, Training Room, Workshop Room, Classroom

Sandbox Room is an exemplar of HUONE’s creative function spaces, showcasing interactive common areas and thematic rooms designed to inspire and entertain.

Enchanting Riverside Vistas: Day and Night at the Sandbox Room

The Sandbox Room at HUONE Clarke Quay is not just a meeting space, it’s a panoramic experience. With captivating views of the Singapore River, this space provides a dynamic backdrop to any gathering. By day, the energy of the city complements your event, while nightfall ushers in a dramatic shift, with the city lights dancing on the water’s surface. This transformation from the bustling day to an illuminated evening setting offers an exceptional atmosphere for hosting memorable night-time events. The Sandbox Room’s balcony is the perfect spot to pause and appreciate the beauty of the riverside, inviting reflection and conversation, and making your time at HUONE not just an event, but an inspirational and unforgettable experience.

HUONE Singapore Sandbox Room - Event Space, Function Room, Meeting Room, Conference Room, Seminar Room, Training Room, Workshop Room, Classroom

The Sandbox Room’s balcony at HUONE, where the dazzling day views give way to an even more breathtaking night-time spectacle, ideal for any evening function.

Sandbox Room - Designed for Engaging Encounters and Innovative Outcomes

Event Type Capacity Set up Style Description
Event Space / Function Room 37 people Theatre / Standing A dynamic and flexible setting that embodies HUONE's energy, perfect for grand events that leave a lasting impression.
Conference Breakout / Seminar Room 37 people Theatre A spacious setup ideal for interactive and engaging seminars, underpinned by Sandbox's vibrant ethos.
Solemnisation Room 37 people Theatre / Standing Offering a unique backdrop for special ceremonies, the Sandbox Room blends romance with HUONE's signature style.
Meeting Room 18 people Group tables Tailored for focused discussions, the Sandbox Room's stimulating environment fosters productive outcomes.
Training Room / Classroom 18 people Classroom Designed for education and growth, this room's unique elements inspire both trainers and learners alike.
Team Building Room 18 people Group tables A room that encourages collaboration and team spirit, with a setup that promotes interaction in a creative Sandbox setting.
Workshop Room 18 people Group tables A creative hub for workshops, providing an energizing atmosphere where innovation is sparked by the Sandbox vibe.
Boardroom 10 people Boardroom An elite boardroom setting within the Sandbox Room, fostering high-level strategic discussions in a thought-provoking environment.

A Hospitable Greeting Awaits You at the Sandbox Room

From the moment you step into HUONE, a personalized greeting sets the tone for a remarkable experience. Our welcoming team is at the ready, guiding you to the Sandbox Room—a hub of creativity and connection. The warmth of our service, mirrored across our global locations from Singapore to Finland and Denmark, is a prelude to the innovation that unfolds within. Just beyond the Sandbox Room, unwind at our in-house bar and Starbucks, providing a laid-back yet engaging atmosphere to complement your event’s rhythm.

HOUNE Warm Welcome

A familiar HUONE welcome radiates across our locations worldwide, from the serene snowscapes of Finland to the bustling streets of Singapore.

Casual Refreshments at Your Convenience

Find the perfect blend of casual and comfortable just steps from the Sandbox Room at HUONE. Our relaxed in-house bar and Starbucks station is a stone’s throw away, ensuring that whether you’re in need of a morning boost or an evening wind-down, we’ve got you covered. No airs, just the simple pleasure of a good drink made right. It’s about adding that laid-back luxury to your meeting experience without the pretence, all within the vicinity of your event space for that seamless transition from work to relaxation.

HUONE Singapore Bar & Starbucks - Event Space, Function Room, Meeting Room, Conference Room, Seminar Room, Training Room, Workshop Room, Classroom

Step out from the engaging Sandbox room into the convenience of casual sips—our HUONE bar and Starbucks counter await to serve up your preferred refreshments.

Versatile Catering in the Sandbox Room

In the Sandbox Room at HUONE, your gatherings are transformed into dynamic experiences that engage the senses and spark creativity. Nestled within our multifaceted venue, this space offers an array of culinary delights, from the diverse menus of our catering partners to the sumptuous offerings of our in-house kitchen. You have the freedom to tailor your dining experience to your taste, even opting to invite your preferred caterer for a personalised touch. And for a responsible dining solution, we provide biodegradable cutlery and plates to ensure safety without compromising on sustainability. For those preferring traditional dining ware, our meal areas are equipped to serve with elegance, keeping the balconies free for enjoying the view.

HUONE Singapore Sandbox Room - Event Space, Function Room, Meeting Room, Conference Room, Seminar Room, Training Room, Workshop Room, Classroom

Experience a fusion of flavour and creativity at the Sandbox Room with versatile catering options, where you can enjoy the culinary artistry from our in-house chefs or your chosen caterer, all while embracing our commitment to sustainability.

Strategically Located HUONE: Embrace the Charm of Historic Clarke Quay

Nestled within the historic façade that graces the Singapore River, HUONE at Clarke Quay stands not merely as a location but as a destination steeped in heritage. With effortless accessibility, our prized venue is a mere stroll away from key transit points, ensuring a smooth arrival from any part of the city. Beyond the Sandbox Room’s inviting doors, the pulse of Clarke Quay awaits, offering an eclectic blend of dining, leisure, and culture. Here, history is told in modern verse, turning every visit into a narrative enriched with diverse experiences. It’s not just about the meeting space; it’s about the seamless extension of your event into the vibrant heartbeat of one of Singapore’s most beloved quarters.

HUONE Singapore Clarke Quay - Event Space, Function Room, Meeting Room, Conference Room, Seminar Room, Training Room, Workshop Room, Classroom

Experience the ease of access to HUONE, a jewel set amidst the vibrant and historic Clarke Quay, where every journey to us is as memorable as the time you spend here.

Green Practices at the Heart of HUONE’s Sandbox Room

HUONE is dedicated to green initiatives, and the Sandbox Room embodies this philosophy. We’ve integrated water coolers to discourage single-use plastic and utilize biodegradable utensils to decrease our environmental impact. Mindful of our carbon footprint, our standard menus are thoughtfully curated, and we encourage our clients to consider sustainable choices. The Sandbox Room, a space designed with the earth in mind, ensures your meetings contribute positively to our planet’s well-being, allowing innovation and responsibility to coexist harmoniously.

HUONE Singapore Sustainability - Event Space, Function Room, Meeting Room, Conference Room, Seminar Room, Training Room, Workshop Room, Classroom

 HUONE Singapore exemplifies our commitment to the environment, showcasing how small steps can lead to significant change.

In closing: Sandbox Room, a Canvas for Dynamic Collaboration and Growth

Embark on a journey of discovery in the Sandbox Room at HUONE Singapore, where innovative minds converge in a space designed for dynamic engagement. This isn’t just a room; it’s a catalyst for growth, offering a flexible environment that adapts to your unique workshop needs. Each element in the Sandbox Room is deliberately chosen to foster collaboration, critical thinking, and creative problem-solving. Embrace the freedom to tailor your experience in a setting that encourages teams to build, brainstorm, and break through boundaries. The Sandbox Room, with its versatile layout and stimulating ambience, is the perfect backdrop for your sessions of learning, strategizing, and team bonding, ensuring that every meeting is not just productive but also a stepping stone towards success.


  • 74” Samsung TV with HDMI/VGA Input
  • High Speed Free Wifi
  • Genelec Sound System
  • Writing Materials (pens, post-its, paper)
  • 1 White board with flip chart paper (additional flip chart at $25++)
  • Drink Station (Free Flow Coffee & Tea)
  • Event Coordinator Service
  • Access to Private Balcony
  • Creative Environment
A place with great space and lots of character! Highly recommended to do your events here!
Angus Ng

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