Go Beyond Business

HUONE is open throughout the evening because we know the best networking and relationship building happens over food and drinks. Cut loose with your colleagues to celebrate a job well done, an anniversary or the latest holiday. HUONE sees to everything for your functions just as we do with your meetings. If you want something more than your normal celebration our Event Coordinators are full of ideas to make your event stand out such as a James Bond-themed casino evening. We do all this without middlemen so you have the smoothest mid-sized corporate events.

During The Day

Sometimes you just want to do something fun during the day. Be that have a breakfast seminar, launch party, press event, or a company picnic. HUONE will handle everything. So you can focus on what’s most important for you and your team – having a good time. The beauty of HUONE, asides from the elaborately designed rooms, is that you can have food and beverages, entertainment and more incorporated into your function without a second thought.

Or At Night

Have your holiday parties, company anniversaries, auctions, fundraisers and any other fun corporate functions at HUONE. Each of our rooms, while deliberately designed, is flexible and made to suit just about any purpose or theme. Tables and chairs can be rearranged, dance floors can be lit, equipment set up. HUONE knows what you need and we’ll make it happen. Even if it’s a half-day meeting followed by sailing and a sauna with a barbeque to top it off.

So Many Possibilities

HUONE has a venue, room, space, hall, or center for all your business functions. The deliberately designed venues of HUONE are the spark you need to have a fantastic function.

Corporate Anniversary

There’s a time to celebrate your success, and there’s a place to celebrate it – HUONE.

Holiday Party

There’s always something worth celebrating and HUONE is happy to help you do just that.

Company Gala

Black Tie, costumed or a fundraiser, class is a matter of care. And HUONE cares for you.

Customer Event

Treat your customers like royalty and relax as HUONE handles everything.

Kick Off

HUONE will match your excitement for the start of a new project or launch a new product in everything we do.

Team Get Together

Bond with you colleagues over barbeque and let HUONE bring you closer.

And many more.

We want to have all our functions here! We’re already thinking up excuses just to spend the day at HUONE.