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The Brain Food Alliance

Did you know that 1 in 3 attendees is falling asleep during a meeting? And many more are feeling drowsy? Apart from regular breaks stimulating our brain and the usual sips of water, what is there that could help attendees to stay awake, focused and responsive?

Studies have shown that healthy snacks can improve your performance at work. And by healthy, we mean healthy, which immediately erases sugary products from the list. As a matter of fact, contrary to popular belief, a piece of cake might not ‘refuel’ your body, but it could actually just accelerate fatigue and brain fog. Do you know why? Because sugar inhibits orexin, which is a brain chemical that keeps you feeling awake, (Jonah Lehrer for Wired).  

Ok then, so if not a cupcake, then what? Here a few suggestions. If you are organising a meeting, break the circle of the tradition of the usual ‘coffee and cake’, and instead surprise the attendees with some of these delicious snacks that will be a complete game changer at your next meeting!

1. Fruits, loads of fruits
Fructose, the natural sugar contained in fruits is not comparable to added sugars. On the contrary, eating fruits apart from reducing the risks of digestive and eye problems, also have a positive effect on your blood sugar levels.

2. Blueberries

Blueberries are considered ‘the King of the Antioxidants’ and the interesting thing is that the antioxidants of the blueberries really improve your short memory and other brain functions when assumed regularly, also as a juice.

3. Organic peanut, pistachio, almond or hazelnut spreads

The perfect way to get you energised with yummy-tasting snacks, that have major benefits for the brain. Antioxidants, they’re all loaded with nutrients and they taste amazing.

4. Seeds and nuts

Just like the spreads, seeds and nuts develop your cognitive memory and are a great memory booster. Have them handy across the meeting room, much better than candy!

5. Dark chocolate

Yes, a guilty little pleasure right up at the end, but in small quantities. Dark chocolate is a mood booster, rich in flavonoids and anti-oxidants.

All of the above can be combined into delicious smoothies by adding yogurt, avocado, almond milk or even vegetables! Mark today as your brain food alliance day and change the game!

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