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8 Tips: Etiquette at Chinese New Year Luncheons

By marinecrepiat

Chinese New Year is literally the most important festival for the Chinese. Popular in countries with a domination of Chinese, food is probably one of the most important components in our celebrations and many companies also in Singapore take this chance to reconnect with their clients over a hearty meal. While Chinese New Year is … Continued

9 Ways to Improve Your Company’s Anniversary Party

By marinecrepiat

We believe that milestones are always worth celebrating and that they are the perfect excuse to hold an outstanding party! How about taking the opportunity to inspire your employees? To create a team spirit? Why wouldn’t it be the occasion to also attract new customers by showing your company’s success? “50% of executives said corporate … Continued

12 Tips to Throw the Best Office Christmas Party

By marinecrepiat

Have you been bestowed with the responsibility of putting together the office Christmas Party but have no idea where to begin? Do it well and you will be hailed a hero but do it badly and you may just end up lunching by yourself for the rest of the year. Fret not, follow these tips … Continued

5 tips to fellow CEOs for an effective Board Meeting

By marinecrepiat

Most entrepreneurs I know are highly motivated and crazy passionate about what they do and they know exactly what they want to achieve. However, what we don’t realise is that sometimes, our tenacious hunger for success and enthusiasm may cloud our judgement when it comes to making business decisions. This makes having a board incredibly … Continued

5 Changes in Events, Meetings and Work

By henrikkaila

Today, we are living in a time of revolutionary change, a disruption. This is a time when new products and services are flooding into the market, when science, technology, and healthcare make advances at an increasingly fast pace – a time when globalisation is at its peak, when more information is generated and shared than … Continued