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Sustainable Events

Source: Sustainable Development Goals,

CSR and sustainable events at HUONE


  • The facility is located close to the airport and the metro station, and the guests and the staff are encouraged to use public transportation.
  • Use of electric cars is promoted and a charging station is offered at the establishment
  • Our staff uniforms are made from 100% recycled plastic (

Energy & Water

  • 100% of our heating and cooling needs are covered by district heating and cooling systems, using excess heat from production sites and seawater respectively, and we aim to use renewable energy on site by a solar panel installation on the roof of our building.
  • Water and energy consumption are monthly monitored to control and create an action plan for future improvement.

Bæredygtighed hos HUONE


  • Waste is separated on site and collected, treated and recycled by the local authorities.
  • Waste minimization by avoiding single-use tableware, straws, reducing office material use
  • Food waste reduction using Too good to go on-line platform, signs that encourage the guests to not waste food, guests and staff share the same buffet.
  • Our wastewater is connected to the national sewer system and treated by the local authorities, which also produce energy from the treated water.
  • Use less chemicals for cleaning and washing at our facilities.

Food & Beverage

  • We offer only tap water from our water stations and use only glass bottles and cups
  • Our coffee and tea are eco-labeled and fair traded, supporting a sustainable economy.
  • We offer vegan/vegetarian dishes and pay attention to guests allergies
  • Follow a  ‘No Beef Policy’
  • Most of our ingredients at our buffet are organic, locally produced or fair traded.

Social and cultural profile

  • We respect and follow laws for equal treatment and conditions for all employees.
  • We ensure a safe and sound work atmosphere with an emphasis on diversity and inclusion.
  • Our recruitment processes value the skills of all candidates and do not discriminate them based on gender, ethnicity or age.
  • We promote sustainability in our communications and activities.

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