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5 Questions Nordics ask about Chinese New Year

Do you have colleagues, customers, or partners who celebrate the Chinese New Year or Lunar New Year? Curious about the big holiday everyone’s talking about? At HUONE, we’ve tapped into our diverse team to compile answers to the most-asked questions!

Ever find yourself wondering, “Is it some kind of holiday in Singapore today?” or explaining to a colleague, “We’re away next Friday, it’s mid-summer… well, not really, but it’s a holiday?” It’s a common scenario even for HUONE’s international team.(HUONE has been recognized as ‘the Most Successful Multicultural Company’)

1. When is it?

Isn’t it in February or maybe in January?  Is it just for that one day or…? -Sanna, HUONE Helsinki

Well, she isn’t completely wrong! This year, it falls on February 10th, next year 2025 it will be January 25th. Chinese New Year doesn’t last just one day—it follows the lunar calendar and symbolizes a fresh start, hopes for prosperity, and success.

2. Where in the world exactly do you celebrate it? 

Celebrated by over a quarter of the world’s population! From Mainland China to Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, South Korea, and Vietnam, the Lunar New Year isn’t such a rare celebration after all.

3. So, is it like Christmas? How important is it?

Just like Christmas, it’s a major holiday, regardless of religion or race. It’s a national holiday with businesses shutting down, and inter-city traffic at its worst.

4. How do you celebrate? What do you do? 

Food, family, and festivities! From visiting ancestors’ tombs to lion dances, it’s a time for feasts, fireworks, and giving gifts. One tradition is ‘Lo Hei,’ a raw fish salad tossed for good luck.

5. Do I have to prepare something for my colleague who celebrate the holiday? 

During the lunar new year, people give out red envelopes with money to family members (usually given by married individuals), particularly children, as a meaning of blessing for the new year. While gift-giving is common, acknowledging the holiday and wishing them well is enough. If you’re invited to dinner, bright attire is recommended.

Chinese New Year Traditions_Red Envelop(left: Evon, the founder of HUONE, wishing HUONE a successful year, right: ready to give out red envelopes to kids)

+ Do different animals play any role?

Yes! Chinese Zodiac signs are significant. 2024 is the year of the Dragon—each animal represents different attributes. The Dragon is associated with good fortune, strength, and success.  Those born in the Year of the Dragon are believed to be strong and ambitious.

Curiosity is key! Your colleagues will be happy to share their culture and traditions. This article reflects conversations with our team members, and while it’s not exhaustive, we’re open to adding more insights!

*The article was written mainly based on the conversations with our team members, and we are aware they do not represent all. So, do let us know if there is any other interesting and important information you would like to share on this topic!

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