In a small village in Malaysia, a girl named Evon was born. Black hair and shining eyes, she filled her days with hard work and playing with her sister Eva, while living with their grandmother and their seven cousins. They were really poor, her parents had left them behind to try and make a living for the family, but at times it was very difficult to put food on the table. Having nothing meant their play had to be really creative: with stones and branches the two girls built marvels.

Growing up, Evon became a professional dancer. Dance was her passion and a way of expressing herself without having to say a word. Despite the terribly long hours and little pay, dance became her life. This brave girl took it on her own shoulders to pursue a dance career abroad. With the little money she could put aside, she embarked on a European adventure that would take her from Eastern Europe to London to Finland.

On the other side of the world, in the cold capital of Lapland, Rovaniemi, a boy called Jussi was born. He was a happy boy, living a carefree childhood with his family and friends. Reality hit hard when his entrepreneurial parents were badly affected by the financial crisis in the ‘90s. Jussi’s world was shaken for the first time, but he learned to deal with the fact that sometimes things don’t go as expected. Growing up, he went to study to Helsinki but he was always aching for an adventure.

He ended up travelling to Malaysia with his friend. He loved it, and then one day in Kuala Lumpur he met Evon. The two became friends and at the moment of Jussi’s departure while exchanging contacts, they wondered if they would ever meet again. When Evon came to Europe, Jussi invited her over to Finland. Three months after that day, he dropped down on one knee and proposed to Evon, who said yes. Their destiny was sealed.

They held a whirlwind marriage in Finland followed by jetting off to Malaysia for a traditional wedding in Evon’s village, with Jussi’s family tagging along. To bring everyone together despite language barriers, they decided to go to a karaoke box and let the universal language of music work its magic. Which it did, and soon Finns and Malaysians were singing and dancing together. Jussi wondered why there was no such thing as a karaoke box in Finland, a private room, with food and drinks brought to you! What a wonderful invention! Right there the seed of Huone was planted.

Back to reality in Finland, life was hard for the couple during the first years, but the idea of a place where friends or families could gather in a fun environment with a personalized service was well and alive in their minds. And every now and then the couple lay awake thinking about it. When Evon started working at the Malaysian Embassy, she discovered how hard it was to find a right venue for meetings and groups. Pieces were coming together and the idea of offering venues for groups expanded when Evon started studying hospitality at Haaga Helia. It evolved from karaoke boxes to actual venues for companies for their meetings and celebrations.

With a final concept in her hands, Evon went ‘hunting’ for loans. Doors were slammed and money could not be found. So Evon and Jussi sold their house, just to show how serious they were about it, and managed to find a venue. It was then that construction started. HUONE finally managed to open, but it wouldn’t be easy. The first years were hell with bills to pay, investors to beg, two bankruptcy court cases, fights, debts, struggles, endless work hours. And on top of it all, a beautiful baby boy was born at the most unexpected of times!

Clients were a few, but it was through word of mouth about the excellent service provided by HUONE and the visibility given by the book Taivas ja Helvetti in 2014 that people started flocking there.

Since opening its doors, HUONE has hosted more than 6500 events and opened a second venue in Singapore. Business is good and the signs are promising. Thus going global and expanding in Finland are both in the plans. The journey of HUONE has just began!

It evolved from karaoke boxes to actual venues for companies for their meetings and celebrations.

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Purpose, goals and a solid agenda are key to a good event. At the same time you want your team to be creative, innovative and gregarious. So do we, because HUONE is about people. It’s about our guests, our staff, and the world. We want to make the world better, stronger, and more imaginative and we do that through connecting with others and helping others connect.

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