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AITO’s annual summer team day

Getting the whole company together and celebrating team accomplishments gives employees a chance to get to know each other, bond, and build a team spirit. Aito enjoyed their annual summer team day at HUONE, an evening filled with carefully thought-through programs and great energy. Read more to see how the evening unfolded.
AITO-päivä – about the event

The goal of the event and the audience

AITO-Päivä is organized once a year to bring all staff members (“aitolaiset”) together, share where we are, what’s happened, and where we’re heading. The main goal of AITO-päivä is to have everyone get together, recognize everyone’s hard work, and of course, also have fun together!  This year, it also included an award ceremony to give special ​recognition to employees that have done extremely great work last and this year. The most important aspect of the event is building trust, and making sure we have a culture-first company! 

Reasons for choosing HUONE as a venue

We chose HUONE because we know we can trust them to make everything flow. We’ve organized events here in previous years (this was the third time), and it has been always a pleasant experience. Especially we like that there is a professional & attentive staff who helps us to arrange the event, the new awesome private terrace, and delicious food. 


  • 15.30 Guests arrival + welcoming drinks
  • 15.45 Welcoming speech on the terrace 
  • 16.30 Official part of the program- our vision, result of the past year, recognising the hard work
  • 18.00 Dinner in Loistava dining hall
  • 19.00 Team Activity 
  • 19.45 DJ starts on the terrace, mingle and enjoy each other’s company
  • 23.30 End of the evening (time to continue the night!) 

Feedback from the guests!

From our point of view, everything went better than expected. The food (especially BREAD)  was great (say special thanks to Siru), the technology was easy to use and worked seamlessly, the staff was friendly and extremely helpful and flexible, all our wishes were taken into consideration and we didn’t have to worry about anything but our own activities.

The little things are the ones that matter: when ordering a drink the bartenders asked how the night had been and If I had some questions I didn’t get ”I don’t know” for an answer but ”I’ll figure it out”. The smiles and warm welcoming feeling. ❤️

About AITO

AITO is a fast-growth start-up specializing in electrical and sewer renovations for detached & semi-detached houses – with a twist. They aim to stand out in the field by genuinely caring about our customers and bringing digitalization to the renovation industry. The driving question for Aito is “how will people maintain their properties in 2050?“. 

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