300-Person Company Summer Party at HUONE!

Looking for some inspiration for your company summer party? Every summer, HUONE Jätkäsaari’s terrace becomes a very popular space for company summer parties! Here is an example of an amazing company party with 300 participants. They enjoyed the whole day at HUONE; starting with official daytime meetings and easing into a more relaxed evening summer festival. Check out how ‘the best summer party ever’ was organised!

Overview of the Day

Prior to the company summer party, HUONE’s event coordinator planned and ran through the entire day to the greatest details with the organiser. We discussed the flow of the day, focusing on the goal of the event, and the catered programs to ensure the event is a success.

The day started with a hearty breakfast buffet. After settling in and catching up with each other, the participants were divided into groups and enjoyed their departmental meetings (there are 13 unique meeting rooms in HUONE Jätkäsaari you could choose from). The morning hours were followed by a delicious lunch in Lositava-hall. For the afternoon and the evening part, the company summer party continued with the festival theme, unique programs, a delicious array of food, and beverages. For instance, a sauna was open in Karnevaali-huone, and in Wine- room, a florist was creating flower garlands and a glitter make-up station was set up so one could enjoy a make-up artist creating the perfect look for the evening.

kesäjuhlat Helsinki_Huone helsinki terrassi

Company Summer Party Food and Drinks

In Loistava-Dining Hall, several fun food stalls and drink stands were set up for the company summer party evening with the ‘Summer Festival’ theme. For example:

  • Pad Thai was served in ‘Asian Express’,
  • Classic Hot dogs in ‘Route 66’ 
  • DIY salad bar in ´Fresh from the Garden´.
  • As a dessert, fresh fruits from ‘Tropical Thunder’
  • Ice cream from the stand: ‘I scream for ice cream
  • As for refreshments, Cold Brew and Spice Garden concept drink stands were built in addition to HUONE bars.

Chilly spring evening didn’t stop the evening filling with such excitement!

Company Summer Party Evening Program & Entertainment

The forest-lounge downstairs hosted a chill-out zone with Jepa Lambert, while upstairs hosted a warm-up band, Taju boys, and the main perforemer Maija Vilkkumaan at the main stage.


  • 18:00 Doors open
    – ‘Flower Garland’ – You are wonderful
    – Glitter makeup station is open!
    – ‘Noisetent’ – sauna is open 
    – Urban movies
  • 18:30 Main stage – Opening of the event
  • 18:45 First food stands are open!
    Asian Express
    – Fresh from the Ground
    – Tropical Thunder
  • 18:45 Chill Out Zone – Jepa Lambert
  • 20:00 More food stands open!
    Route 66
    I scream for ice cream
  • 20:00 Main stage – Tajuboys
  • 22:00 Main stage – Maija Vilkkumaa
  • 01:00 Summer festival ends

loistava kokoustila helsinki terassi


Best summer party EVER”

HUONE team managed everything exceptionally well and I could just concentrate on colleagues and partying”.

Summer party 2022 with a private terrace