HUS Secretary Team’s Development Day at HUONE Kamppi

As many companies are adopting a new hybrid way of working, a well-organized team day in person is more crucial than ever. The wonderful secretary team from Helsinki University Hospital enjoyed their development day in HUONE Kamppi. Let’s take a sneak peek at their day; how the day was planned, first-hand experience of HUONE, as well as their tips for a successful team day! 

HUONE Kamppi had the pleasure to host a team of secretaries from HUS Heart and Lung Center for their development day. This team day had been long postponed since the beginning of the pandemic. Secretaries are usually the ones responsible for everyone’s meeting arrangements and planning events. They are the superheroes behind the curtain, making sure all runs smoothly, and when last-minute surprises happen, they make everything all right again. Well, this time around, it was THEIR turn.  The team from HUS arrived in a setting where everything was taken care of and they get to fully focus on their agenda, without any interruptions.

First team day in two years!

The group had not once sat around a table all together face-to-face for the past two years. Thus, this development day was very much awaited. A new development project was about to start, so it was very important to find a place outside the office and hospital surroundings to ensure the time together would be well spent.

A goal of the team day

The most important goal of the day for the team was to be able to spend time together and think as a team. Everyone wanted to invest in the day and fully focus on the project at hand. The main focus was on planning the future as a united team, as well as a fun day was expected. The day included both official and more ‘formal’ agenda as well as a relaxed social program. 

The team shared that the focus of the past years has been too much on getting things done, because the time was tough, and so they have been following the same routine without any innovation. They concluded that now is the time to shake things up and rebuild the team spirit to the level prior to Covid Pandemic. On that note, the team looked back on a recent, wonderful 10th anniversary of the Heart and Lung Center celebration, where the entire department was preset, rare occasion everyone got to see and enjoy the evening! 

Venue of the team day outside everyday office

The team found the team day at HUONE allowed the discussions to flow easily. Surroundings were inspiring and exciting, which helped them focus and plan the future together as a team without any interruptions. Starting a development project, we were able to detach from your own everyday tasks and office surroundings. Dragon’s Den room, their space for the day, had a great combination of both motivating and relaxing atmosphere, perfect for the day’s agenda! The day was a great starting point to continue as a united team with new energy!

HUS sihteeritiimi HUONE Kamppi(a team of secretaries from HUS Heart and Lung Center)

We really had a succesful day in HUONE Helsinki! A huge thank you to all your team members, for making our day so great. We were already recommending the place to our colleagues; because it is the place to be, if you are looking for something a little bit different! – Meri Markkola, Office Secretary

Agenda for the day

  • Energising Breakfast together before starting the day in Dragon’s Den room
  • ‘Ergonomics at the Office’ by the guest speaker, who is an occupational physiotherapist
  • Morning coffee break
  • Development workshop part 1 
  • Delicious Lunch 
  • Development workshop part 2
  • Afternoon coffee
  • Program: Cocktail school by HUONE Helsinki in Garden-hall
  • Casual afterwork with tapas and

Cocktailkoulu HUONE Kamppi Puutarha-sali HUS sihteerien tiimipäivä(Cocktail school in HUONE Kamppi Garden-hall)

Feedback from the participants of the day

  • “It was wonderful how we were welcomed and how everyone took such good care of us during the entire day.”
  • “Amazing and functional space made our day truly a successful one with the possibility to also relax with our team.”

Tips for a successful team day

Well-planned and successful team day is not something to take for granted. This is something all secretaries know very well. HUONE Helsinki asked Meri Markkola, the organiser for this very team development day for a few tips to help make a team day a success:

  • Find a date together with the participants early and make sure to discuss alternative dates as well.
  • Find a space that you find inspiring, hopefully, one that is different from everyday (home)office surroundings.
  • Prepare an agenda that combines formal items and a more relaxed program, which you can enjoy together. Do not make it just about PowerPoint slides the entire day 😉

HUS was one of the lucky winners of HUONE Helsinki’s 10th anniversary ‘Give Back’ campaign.

At HUONE, you can enjoy a team day hassle-free. Everything from an inspiring space, to suitable food & drinks, and programs, can be organised under one roof. We plan the day with you from the start to make sure it flows seamlessly, and the goal of the day is achieved. We also have a wide range of program options from reliable HUONE partners. Check out our tips for a successful kick-off! 🙂