Mukamas Team day at HUONE Helsinki

Team day is not only about bringing the team together but also aligning the team with a strategy and goals.¬† Mukamas, Finland‚Äôs leading learning design agency, achieved exactly this at HUONE Kamppi. They enjoyed their bi-annual team day‚Ź§ ‘Learning Retro.’ HUONE had the pleasure to follow them during the day. Check it out!

Mukamas was one of the lucky winners of the HUONE Helsinki’s 10th anniversary ‘Give Back’ campaign.
Read more to find out
  • why does Mukamas organise a regular team day
  • why the environment matters to them
  • What is ‘Learning Retro’
  • Agenda for the day
  • first-hand comments about the day from the guests

Why organise a team day?

For the company, Muukamas, well-being and open communication are essential parts of the culture. Employees should be able to discuss work-life balance, and how they feel about the workload so that as a group, we are the best performing team. This also means ‘sustainable’ work and team.

Even during the pandemic, Mukamas had remote team days on a regular basis, to maintain the communication flow and to keep the team dynamics up. Thus a sense of community has been there even remotely, but it is still entirely different to meet face to face.

The day was about to strenghtening the bond as a team, and do collaborative learning for the upcoming project. We came up with the idea from the previous projects and development work. And of course, enjoy the best company! -Vilma Mutka, CEO & Workplace Learning Activist, Mukamas Learning Design
(Mukamas group enjoyed a team day at HUONE Kammpi)

Where should one have the team day?

For Mukamas, an inspiring environment plays a significant part. In HUONE, this part is taken care of.¬† The organiser shared, that for example Playground-room in HUONE Kamppi, where they were, gave them a refreshing change of surroundings; It was inspiring and encouraged the easy flow of conversation. She also suggested that even though that specific part of the day was about ‘serious’ strategic discussions, the space does not have to be so serious and boring. It is also a big plus when everything is taken care of in one place: the facilities and food. So one can concentrate on the topic and the agenda.

Mukamas’ Team day ‘Learning Retro’

HUONE had the opportunity to take a peek into Mukamas’ team day.

What is ‘Learning Retro’?

“Learning Retro’ is the name of the team day, which happens every six months with the team. It has always been part of our organization. We believe in continuous reflection, so in ‘Learning Retro,’ we take the time to review the past six months from both individual and company perspectives. We focus on what everyone is interested in, as well as what motivates and excites one. We discuss what we could learn from the past six months and what should be adapted in the upcoming months. We also share learnings from outside of our organization. Of course, part of the day is about strategy and future goals. Learnings and results from day e.g. larningretro-tool are something we also use when sparring with our customers. -Vilma Mutka

Team day agenda

  • ¬†Starting the day with refreshing homemade smoothies
  • Learning Retro session starts in Playground-room
  • Lunch together
  • Learning Retro continues
  • Afternoon coffee break & fruits
  • Learning Retro wrap-up
  • Surprise program of the day: Cocktail school!
  • Relaxed dinner

(Mukamas enjoyed a cocktail school as a surprise team day program)

Comments from the guests 

  • “HUONE had cozy and inspiring meeting rooms and also common areas! Meeting A/V technologies in the room worked flawlessly. I got the feeling that the staff really cared about our well-being and the result of our day. Cocktail-school as a surprise program brought a great energy boost! We got a nice intro to the world of cocktails and everyone got to go behind the bar to prepare drinks. Lots of music and laughter!‚Ä̬†– Annu Karkama


  • “From the first moment entering HUONE, I felt welcomed by the warm smile and lovely staff. I really felt we will be taken good care of. Our room was really inspiring and lovely, the slide was tested with the whole team during the first hour! Food was tasty, and even in the dining hall experience was thought through, you can even ride a swing! ūüôā Surprise program, cocktail school by HUONE, was the icing on the cake. There was a lot of laughter when our team members were shaking their drinks! Thank you for an amazing day!¬†-Johanna Riippi


  • “The best place for our very important Lerning Retro so far. As professional facilitators, we are not so easily ‘Wow’ed, but HUONE really did exceed our expectations. We truly enjoyed every aspect of our day. All the way from the innovative atmosphere to thoughtful staff. I would say the expectations were really met and the experience was good.”-Vilma Mutka¬†

At HUONE, everything is organised under one roof, so you can enjoy the team day hassle-free. HUONE plans the day with you based on what your goal is for the day from the beginning planning stage. We make sure things flow seamlessly, and the goal of the day is achieved. There is a wide range of program options from reliable HUONE partners, which could be a great surprise!

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