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Successful Kick-offs

Half-day kick-off package

Choose a ready-made kick-off package and concentrate fully on the agenda and your participants!
Package includes:

  • Private meeting room for half a day (4h) with modern meeting technology
  • Chef’s fresh daily lunch to start the day
  • Chef’s special afternoon tapas

74€/person + VAT

(*Book by the end of August for 15% off with code: KICKOFF15)

Book now

*Offer valid until August 31, 2023.
**Event must be held by August 31, 2023.


Cocktail/Mocktail School

Looking for a fun and interactive way to spice up your team day? Look no further than our Cocktail School! Classic cocktails and HUONE signature drink included.


Duration: 1,5-2h

*Minimum spending 500€
**Including 2 drinks/person. Everything can be made non-alcoholic

Guided yoga or pilates
Modern working demands a lot from the body and mind. Sitting work stiffens the body and causes numerous imbalances. Give the body the movement it needs and give the mind a break from the hustle. Calm your nervous system and balance your body with yoga. Or choose Pilates if you feel that back pain is bothering you or you need support for small muscles.
You could either start the day with gentle yoga & pilates or end the day with a session. The service provided by the partner VIRTA Well-being.
Starting from 399€ 
Duration: 1h

Example Agenda

  • Start with Lunch
  • Welcoming and Introduction
  • Icebreaker- set the mood and engage your participants. Check out ideas for the best icebreakers!
  • Review of the previous year/season
  • Deep dive – learning
  • Break
  • Workshop- focus on a few topics and get your team’s input.  
  • Break
  • Wrap-up of today
  • Afterwork to continue

Let’s plan! 

P: 0207851440

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