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Activate your team

Sometimes it’s hard to find THE activity everyone loves, within the budget, and it’s bookable on the day you want. So, there are also possibilities which can be organised at HUONE, so, no need to move around. Easy-breezy activities, that can be incorporated with dinner or lunch.

Cocktail School

Cocktail school is one of the most favoured activities by many. You will start by learning/creating classic cocktails interactively (a very fun experience for those watching as well!) and after that, you can get creative and create your own unique cocktails.

huone helsinki cocktailschool

(Cocktail school during company customer event, Christmas party, and a team day/Loistava & Garden Dining hall )

Wine Tasting with stories!

Experiential wine tastings offer an opportunity to get to know the world of wines and flavors under the guidance of Juha Lihtonen, one of  the best award-winning sommeliers in the Nordic countries. Juha will lead the team together to the origins of this wonderful drink and taste the real treasures. You can choose from 5 different options, from the more traditional tasting to a wine battle: Old vs New! Read more and see the brochure.
wine tasting program at HUONE helsinki

Escape room in HUONE

We do not have our own themed escape room, but we are able to create an exiting escape room experience with Cryptic Cargo. Cryptic Cargo’s mobile escape room brings together themed props with a mobile application that creates a captivating atmosphere with themed instuctions & sounds, hints and interactive missions. Each group of players is scored separately and differnet teams can compete against each other.  One mobile set is applicable for 2-6 players and you can order several identical game sets. The game will take 60-90 minutes.

HUONE will set up the game, and you we can also order an instructor from Cryptic Cargo to help! Instructor are there to help, answer possible questions and can also give a short presentation about the concept the the game. Instructor can also maintain the leader board on-site until everyone has solved the puzzle. You can also order the game without an instructor. For groups larger than person HUONE recommends to order the instuctor as well.

Escapre room set:
 Starting at 150€ + VAT for 2-7 persons
The game can be executed for up to 90 persons.
For larger games several meeting rooms is required and HUONE will give you a seprate quotation for that.

Instructor for the game starting at 80€/h.

Escape room games for larger groups can also be executed – ask for quotation!

Murder mystery

Does your team love to solve problems? Then this is the perfect activity for you! Everyone will get their own character and start solving a murder! All characters will have their own storylines and aspirations, fun is guaranteed and you cannot avoid some back-stabling, conspiracy, and rumors. Tested by HUONE team and by many of our clients and it’s always a success! This program is hosted by our partner Tuoni (10-60pax/starting from 50€ per person)

murder mystery program

Activities to get your heart-rate up

Want to get everyone away from the computer? This is simply because of the benefits of doing something active outside. Spending more than just 15mins outside will not only lower our stress levels but also boosts our productivity and focus!


Mindfulness and employee well-being are more important than ever. How about starting the team day with 50 minutes of light yoga before heading out for a nice dinner? Does yoga sound intimidating for some? Don’t worry! From HUONE’s experience, it is a very flexible activity as the level of the session can be adjusted for the audience. Easily made for beginners (also men!) and also can be fun! (how about a bubbly Yoga? 🥂) Our partner Virta Well-being has been providing amazing sessions for different kinds of corporate events.

Huone Helsinki program option Yoga(Customers enjoying yoga in HUONE Jätkäsaari summer terrace)

Dance Time!

Fun guaranteed with this one too. You might worry that not everyone loves dancing or not everyone can dance. However, it DOES NOT MATTER, dance brings all! It can be a very easy one-hour basic dance class (e.g. Salsa  Basics Steps), which can be hosted by friendly, professional dance teachers. It’s an active and fun activity that is great for everyone’s self-esteem and a massive mood booster!

Virtual and hybrid programs

In HUONE you can have a hybrid program that will activate both of your audiences!

Virtual magic show

Take a peak at the world of magic with award-winning magician Joni Pakanen! A virtual magic show is an entertaining, and engaging experience where all can have fun together. Specially designed for virtual and hybrid events! Prices starting from 1000€ + VAT

Joni Pakanen virtuaalitaikuri show

Remote Escape room & quiz with the team

Get together for a fun Quiz to find out who knows the secrets of your office best! How about a crime-themed remote escape game that everyone on the team can take part in. Your input is needed remotely to solve a crime that has proven challenging. You go through a tricky case with an investigator, interrogate the culprits via video, and investigate crime scene information. During the game, we challenge your wit and teamwork skills! Design and implement programs with you To Do tapahtumat.

Starting from 55€ + VAT/per person (minimum 30pax), for smaller groups offer is made separately.

Music and Arts

Live music & DJ

Live music is absolutely the most popular choice for company events at HUONE. Whether you wanted nice live background music or a band to dance to the party, we can recommend just the right fit to elevate your event!

program options live music huone helsinki

Magician and Mentalist

Magician and Mentalist Johannes Malkamäki is a great idea as a program for team days, anniversary events, company Christmas parties, and other company celebrations. His repertoire includes a stand-up mentality show and a comic tour of local magic among the celebrants.

Price starting from 1000€ + alv

Johannes Mentalist

Glitter Makeup

Add sparkles and glam to your event! It’s a popular program for celebrations, such as company Christmas parties. This fail-proof program has been tested and much loved by our customers. Provided by our partner @gittakruusaa

Program idea Huone Helsinki gitta glitter makeup



Sometimes it’s simply nice to hear from someone else. Someone who’s an expert at what they do and has a different perspective than you. We know the power of someone new coming in to shake things up at HUONE, it’s part of our philosophy for having a good meeting. That’s why we have an extensive list of professional speakers who can come share their knowledge and expertise with your team. Our speakers’ list includes thought leaders, professors, industry experts, entertainers, sports stars, celebrities, entrepreneurs, and more.

Evon Blomstedt_speaker

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