Skilla ry training in HUONE Hybrid Studio

How does interactive hybrid studio work for trainings? In August 2021, Skilla ry organized a training at HUONE  Helsinki’s Hybrid Studio. We share how the day went, and few snapshots from the event!

Snapshots from the Training


Before the Event

The idea for the collaboration came from Skilla ry. The majority part of the planning was done together with HUONE Helsinki and Maria Talvela from Skilla, and the technical implementation part was consulted with our partner Podstudio.

  • Based on the topic of the day, which was ‘Hybrid Meeting,’ more detailed planning of the content was done together. Participants expectations were gathered and considered in the main session.
  • Based on the content, the agenda for the day, and the schedule was set and communicated with the participants.
  • Pre-event material shared along with other information such as directions, meeting House Rules,
  • The day before, HUONE Hybrid Studio (previously, Inno Room) was set up and major techniques were checked
  • Morning of the event, a brief rehearsal with the host, Elina Havu from Skilla, and speakers were carried out.

During the Event

The format of the training was ‘Hybrid,’ which means there were participants and speakers both remote and onsite (Image below). The training lasted for two hours (8 am to 10 am). Here is how the morning went:

Hybrid meeting involves_huone helsinki

  • Breakfast. The official program started with breakfast. On spot, participants enjoyed the servings in HUONE’s Forest lounge and remote participants got a surprise gift card for their breakfast.
  • Welcoming for remote participants. A welcome video was shown to remote participants. HUONE has its special way of welcoming every guest on-site, so it was natural that remote participants receive the same genuine welcoming feeling starting the training. It was also a way to prepare guests and help them get into the ‘right’ mood, before jumping into the content.

  • Welcoming for all participants.  Brief welcoming remarks by Skilla ry. Skilla shared the latest news and upcoming events in the autumn season.
  • Sharing of the ‘House Rules’. House rules are the ‘etiquette set for the event’ were introduced by HUONE. With house rules, you can make sure both of your audiences know what is expected of them and how and when to ask questions.
  • Icebreaker session. Icebreaker works like a charm! Also for this event icebreaker literally broke the ice, set the mood and everyone waved goodbye for boring meetings. Check out HUONE’s list of easy virtual icebreakers, to get ideas.
  • First Session- How to create a more successful hybrid event. The first speaker for the day was Hera Choi, HUONE’s concept specialist. She shared concrete tips one can use for creating more engaging virtual and hybrid events. The tips were divided into three stages: before, during, and after the event.
  • Break. A small break for both on-site and remote participants. HUONE always recommends keeping the sessions short 45mins – 1hr max, especially for the virtual and hybrid events to keep everyone focused. It is also a crucial time to digest the content of the previous session.
  • Second Session- Guest Speakers. During the second part, there were two guest speakers. It was about taking quality breaks, and ideas & tips for remote team programs.
  • Discussion. The last part of the event was saved for discussions and wrap-up. Hosts and speakers followed up on the questions from participants related to the topic of the day ‘hybrid events.’ Participants were engaged in sharing best practices and experiences for virtual and hybrid events.
  • Wrap up and closing of the Event. The host, Skilla ry, closed the event by summarising the topics covered, and wished everyone an inspirational workday.


”From the beginning it was a pleasure to work with HUONE and plan this event together, very easy and professional. Original idea came from us and Sanna and Laura from HUONE evolved it to an amazing event. All the arrangements worked professionaly, even though my last minute flu caused last minute changes.” –Maria Talvela Skilla ry