Ways to enjoy HUONE’s private terrace!


1. Private summer party
2. Outside bar for a change
3. Lunch with sun & fresh air
4. Casual Afterwork
5. Summer Olympics
6. live music
7. Enjoy a Picnic
8. Yoga


1. Private summer parties

In HUONE, you can organise memorable and entirely private summer parties, company parties to private events such as birthdays. HUONE event coordinators can guide you in planning and executing the event from start to end. Our packages are hassle-free since they include everything from space, food and drinks to event arrangements. We can also suggest programs suitable outdoors and indoors; magician, live music, disco, DJ and the list goes on! The terrace fit 50 people with 2-meter safety distancing and Loistava-hall is also privately booked for your terrace event, in case it rains.

Get inspired! Read about a summer garden party organised in HUONE terrace.

2. Outdoor Bar (and another one indoors!)

Lokki-bar, located in our terrace, will be opened and fully equipped in all private parties. We offer traditional beers and ciders, quality wines and cocktails. We also design signature drinks for your group to celebrate special occasions with different themes. HUONE team is a creative bunch, always with new ideas such as refreshing punch with seasonal fruits or a fancy shampagne cocktail with an edge!

Among meetings our bar in Loistava-hall is always open, even when it rains outside.


3. Lunch

Our in-house kitchen prepares hearty and healthy daily lunch to keep your energy level up during the meetings. On a beautiful day, you and your guests can enjoy lunch out on the terrace.

4. Casual Afterwork with the team!

What would be better than to end your meeting with some bubbles enjoying the warm summer breeze! Our spacious terrace provides the perfect surrounding for a casual afterwork and our kitchen can suggest delicious snacks to go with the drinks. (*HUONE serves afterwork according to the government restrictions regarding alcohol serving)

5. Summer Olympics

We have it, mölkky, and other summer games! Have a little longer break and challenge your colleagues to a round of games. Continue the meeting feeling energized.


6. Live Music

Yes! It is possible! Have your own favorite live music at the terrace. Entire band, solo artist, anything you want to lift the mood and maybe even get people dancing.


7. Picnic

Spread the blanket, and enjoy a picnic lunch on the terrace (artificial) lawn! From HUONE kitchen, we will prepare you tasty picnic treats for your break! Enjoy the summer breeze, good food and a well-deserved break with the team. The meeting can be continued in good spirits.

8. Yoga

Concentration level dropping, starting to feel stiff, just want to stretch a bit? Even a short outside air will make a difference for the afternoon meeting. On our private terrace, you can even organize a yoga session with an instructor!

Thinking about organising an event and a private terrace sounds nice?

Contact us and ask for a quote:

Fill the form, send an email to info.fi@huone.events  or call +358 (0) 20 785 1440.