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We are going back to the growth story

By herachoi

The year 2022 for HUONE was much about ‘rebuilding’ and anticipating what’s to come. It was a year full of anticipation and optimism, however, it did not lack challenges; waves of sick leaves, global inflation, and a high level of uncertainty. Many companies had to reset how we work in the new normal, and HUONE … Continued

From Singapore to Copenhagen

By Laura Petra

Ian Wu, the CEO of HUONE Singapore, visited HUONE Copenhagen for two weeks at the beginning of summer 2022. He had a chance to explore the city and its business meeting culture. HUONE asked Ian a couple of questions about how he saw Danish business meeting culture compared to the one in Singapore, the world’s … Continued

 What did HUONE do for its global strategy day?(Example Agenda)

By herachoi

HUONE recently organised a global strategy day in Helsinki with its board members and the management team. It was a crucial event for moving forward, especially after 2 years of battling the Covid-19 pandemic. The event was conducted in a hybrid format, with key members participating on-site. Read more! In this article, you will learn … Continued

Experience all of Copenhagen in one meeting day

By charlottebliddal

Experience all of Copenhagen in HUONE meeting rooms close to the city centre. Host your next strategy day on Amager Beach, go to the theatre for presenting your annual report or hang out at Queen Louise Bridge during your board meeting. Enjoy a team dinner in the former aeroplane hangar with 9 meters high ceiling! … Continued

Unsung heroes of business: administrative professionals!

By lauratomula

Before International Administrative Professionals Day, there was National Secretaries Day (since 1952). As the title, the role of the administrative professionals in the modern workforce has evolved.  It has transformed from a supporting role to more of a strategic one. Often a whole team lean on one for internal communications, strategic counsel, technical expertise, event … Continued

Celebrate Halloween in Your Office!

By herachoi

It’s that time of the year. Autumn leaves start falling down(at least in this part of the world) and lights are dimming —Halloween is here! But why should companies care about it? Office events such as a Halloween costume day actually have more positives than many think. It’s more than just having fun. At HUONE, … Continued

HUONE Singapore scoops Silver award for Best Venue: Meetings!

By annamottonen

In September, a panel of 25 expert senior, brand-side marketers elected the prestigious winners for the Marketing Events Awards 2019 awarded annually by Marketing magazine. HUONE Singapore was ranked as Silver Award winner, for the Best Venue: Conferences / Meetings / Seminars, alongside industry giants such as Marina Bay Sands, and Resorts World Sentosa. The … Continued

Steal with Pride! Try HUONE’s Asparagus Salad

By annamottonen

Don’t you feel that we need more mischief in this perfect world? Fun and laughter, we can always take more. Well, that’s why we occasionally sneak into our kitchen and go through our chefs’ new recipes (let’s hope our chefs don’t read our blog…👀). This particular one we found was such a delight, we had … Continued

Aalto EE tells about their event at HUONE Singapore

By annamottonen

Huone Singapore hosted a group from Aalto EE that had participants visiting Singapore all the way from Finland! Luckily the group of Finns had the chance to relieve homesickness at HUONE Singapore by taking a stroll in the Finnish Forest (Metsä) while visiting the Cottage (Mökki), not to forget the snowy views from our Igloo Room! … Continued

“Don’t apologize for who you are.”

By marinecrepiat

For a while now, my flawless pictures are being published everywhere. In blogs, in magazines, in newspapers. It seems like we have managed to achieve some ‘success’ with our determination and hard work. Many asked, why am I so transparent about my past? Why tell so publicly, what that I have been through? I think … Continued

Camping Out in Kamppi

By marinecrepiat

It is nothing new to at least unofficially draft a deal on the golf course or in the sauna. The latter being the more popular option in Finland. Sometimes none of those is an option given the weather, season, or number of people involved. HUONE Kamppi (opening in fall 2018) has a solution for that … Continued

Sandbox: A Room of Possibilities

By marinecrepiat

You hear the word ‘sandbox’ and you’re transported immediately to childhood and time spent in the park or the playground building sandcastles or exploring desert islands. You remember all the stories you told and the realms you constructed, the kingdoms that fought off invading hordes, or were home to countless insects. So much was possible, … Continued

The Unsung Heroes of Business: Administrative professionals

By marinecrepiat

Administrative professionals are the ones with many names: secretary, assistant, PA, administrator, office manager, right arm…etc. Here is a story from an assistant we know: One of the biggest mistakes I will never forget making as a secretary was to send out a group email with the subject line, “Massage from the Embassy”. At the … Continued

Passion Runs in our Family

By marinecrepiat

Your company culture is what your company stands for. Many millennials these days look beyond salary and leaves when it comes to looking for a job. They want to join a company that allows them to be successful and happy. Most of us would define a positive company culture as Google. We all want to … Continued