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Customer Stories

We've had a fantastic and different experience at HUONE. The staff is very service-oriented and ensures a good experience in very different surroundings. The environment provides peace of mind for better engagement and motivation in the participants. Thank you for creating a great experience!
– - Martin Thorsen, HR hos Netto
Roche Diagnostics Denmark had one of the best internal events at HUONE. Each room was so dynamic and fun, it brought out the high energy from each of the meetings that took place in them. Besides the greatness of it's premises we were also very happy with the great service and attention from the staff. Thank you again for a great event!
– Jexxy Barrios
I found the experience of holding a client workshop at HUONE Kastrup exceptional on all levels. As a 20+ year facilitator of workshops in more than 195 countries I have to say that the experience at HUONE was top-notch. The physical location is walking distance to Copenhagen airport, and equipped very well. The staff is friendly and accommodating which makes my job as a facilitator so much easier.
If you need a fresh and inspiring meeting venue, this is the place for you! Super friendly staff, flexes to the needs of customers. Chosen as the best venue for sub 1000 attendee events is Finland for a reason!
– Markus Ramstedt
Excellent place to hold a workshop or event. Good venue, great service, nice food! Much better than most experiences I've had at hotels or conference centres.
– Niall Shakeshaft
Nice place for company events. Modern looking and good catering!
– Danilo Laurindo