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Sometimes it’s simply nice to hear from someone else. Someone who’s an expert at what they do and has a different perspective than you. We know the power of someone new coming in to shake things up at HUONE, it’s part of our philosophy for having a good meeting. That’s why we have an extensive list of professional speakers who can come share their knowledge and expertise with your team.

Our speakers list includes thought leaders, professors, industry experts, entertainers, sports stars, celebrities, entrepreneurs, and more.

Coaching & Team Building

Life is about learning. It can be hard to find the time between work and home to learn new things, gain new skills, or develop new interests. But you can change that for your team. Let HUONE contact a coach for you to elevate your event for all involved.

We offer activities such as life coaching, murder mysteries, escape rooms, and more.

Activate Your Team

We encourage all our guests to take regular breaks to stand up, walk around and generally just change how they see the world. The benefits to health, stress levels, and creativity are countless. But with deadlines looming or stress building up you often need something more.

HUONE has a range of wellness programs on offer including yoga, meditation and more.

Group Activities

Connect with your colleagues on a whole new level while trying something new. After lunch or after work we have a range of activities that will delight your taste buds or help you discover whole new interests to while away the hours outside of work.

HUONE can introduce you to the art of beer and whiskey pairing, wine tasting, mixology (cocktail creation), sailing, and more.

Performing Arts

There are times you need to just sit back and not think about work, even at an event like a meeting or product launch. HUONE is one step ahead of you on that front. We can bring in an amazing array of acts to entertain and delight you whether it’s for five minutes or five hours. All are available to add a certain amount of awesomeness to your meeting to elevate it to an event.

Let HUONE find you an artist, comedian, magician, DJ,  musician, band, live performer, dancer, or MC for your event.

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