Top 5 Reasons to Join HUONE

HUONE is growing fast and expanding all over the world. We offer a lot of opportunities to everyone who joins us. So we know there are many reasons to be a part of HUONE, but here are the top five.

  1. We are a Family: HUONE is run like a family, which means we care about you and you will have a new bunch of happy people as your family.
  2. We are Forever a Startup: HUONE started with a love story. We are a business venture, a startup. We will be always agile, no matter how big we grow. We are always learning, which means you will be always learning and grow with us!
  3. We Make a Difference: Say goodbye to the boring corporate meetings and events! HUONE is reinventing meeting design, which means you will be part of making a difference!
  4. We are Ambitious: A hard-working team of individuals, we are taking the HUONE concept to all the major MICE destinations in the world, which means you’ll be part of this exciting journey!
  5. We Value Diversity: We are all different, and everyone should be comfortable in the team. We always value the ‘team effort!, which means we’ve got your back!

Careers at HUONE