Go Hybrid at HUONE!

HUONE has been always a strong believer in the power of face-to-face meetings, but today we say ‘Go Hybrid!’  Most of us have been put into a very unusual situation since the beginning of the pandemic. Even though businesses are slowly re-opening, this pandemic is not yet over, and new ways of working are in full swing. So how can we ‘meet’ again? By organising a hybrid event or a meeting! We tested, tried and tested, tried some more, and here is what we suggest! 

Our last blogpost was about engaging your remote meeting participants. In this post, we take a step further and present our new all-in-one hybrid meeting packages. 

Hybrid Meeting vs Virtual Meeting

First, what is a hybrid meeting? A hybrid meeting combines the traditional face-to-face meeting and the virtual meeting; some participants are on-site while others join via Zoom, Google Meet or Teams based on your choice. In a virtual meeting/event, all the participants attend the event online. You can organise various types of meeting and event in a hybrid format such as a seminar, training, board meeting, workshop, team meeting etc. People attending online, and in-person participate in the same session real-time concurrently (not watching a recording).

Keep it Simple

Virtual or hybrid meeting technology NEEDS to work for YOU—your event, the meeting, and your team. It should help you achieve the goal of the day, and the last thing you want to do is to invest in something your team does not understand. Avoid complicating things just because now it seems like the right thing to do.

HUONE offers solutions for different types of meetings and events. We had to see how each solution flows, how it feels to be participating on-site, virtually or remotely and finally their combination – hybrid. We also gave them a try in different rooms, for different types of event scenarios, with various settings. After some trial and error, we came up with two all-in-one hybrid meeting packages:  

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#1. Hybrid Standard meeting up to 8 on-site participants
(100€ + VAT on top of your meeting package price)

Great for a small team meeting, board meeting, small training, kick-off, brainstorming etc. 

Package includes 

  • Logitech Meetup 
  • Additional speakerphones if required
  • Introduction to hardware and HUONE’s standard AV equipment
  • Testing – we strongly recommend that you pass by prior to your event to run a quick test with the laptop that you are planning to use

Does not include: laptop, meeting software (can be organised with extra charge), a technician

Case example
You are organising a monthly team meeting. Out of 12, 6 are attending on-site and 6 others are attending remotely/virtually from various locations. One person leading a meeting, but multiple presenters (two are on-site, one is remote. One presenter at a time). On-site and remote attendees actively participate in the discussion/conversations most of the time. The presenter on-site will control the slides and the meeting tool.

HUONE Hybrid Meeting 1

#2. Hybrid Plus meeting up to 20 on-site participants
(150€ + VAT on top of your meeting package price)

Great for a mid-size team meeting, board meeting, small training, kick-off, brainstorming etc.  

Package includes 

Does not include: laptop, meeting software (can be organised with extra charge), a technician

Case example
You have a project kick-off coming up. It is a project which will require a lot of collaboration among different departments as well as an external partner. It is an important opportunity to get everyone acquainted at the start of the project, as some of your project team members may not have previously worked together. It is crucial that everyone can see and hear each other well, because it’s the day you align everybody’s understanding of the project. You will also make decisions on things such as how to work together (how will we communicate, how often we meet, Set the project timeline, check risks and etc.). There is a project leader, who will go through items on the agenda one by one. 

hybrid meeting huone 2

#3. HUONE Hybrid Studio

Read more about our interactive hybrid studio.

HUONE’s Promise

HUONE has been always about providing a better meeting experience where you get the most out of your day. It has never been just renting out a room on an hourly basis, as many might assume first. HUONE strives to be the strategic partner for all our customers, which means we share the same goal as the event/meeting organiser; depending on the goal of the day, type of events, what kind of audience, we make sure the day flows seamlessly, and organiser and the participants can focus on the day. Let us help you! Get in touch with us for your next event!

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