Country Road Room

Suitable for max 30 persons


Appreciate the journey your team is taking in Country Road. Bright, open and airy, this room evokes drives through the countryside on a sunny summer day when your mind can wander. Country Road has all the comforts of a room without the dust and insects to bug you so you can get down to work. Let us pack you a picnic for your team as this room is perfect for middle-sized customer seminars, trainings, and launches. In the evening it turns into exciting space for dinners or parties.

Virtual and hybrid meeting technology can be arranged to all our meeting rooms.

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  • Screen, HDMI, VGA & Displayport cords
  • Audio system
  • Free Wi-Fi connection
  • Writing materials
  • Flip chart
  • Event Coordinator’s support
  • Room size 62 m²
  • Country road room is located on 2nd floor

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