People of HUONE: Hilda Vähäkangas

Next in line for People of HUONE series is… Hilda Vähäkangas! Hilda joined the HUONE Helsinki team as a receptionist in the spring of 2022. Straight from the beginning, with her warmth and beautiful smile, she has been a crucial part of creating HUONE experience. Get to know her!

  • The reason I ended up in Finland/Helsinki is… Opportunities. Especially work-wise, Helsinki has offered me something I couldn’t find anywhere else in Finland, including HUONE. I have been living in many cities all the way from Lapland to Helsinki, but Helsinki is a place I tend to always return to. Funnily enough, this is coming from a person who said a long time ago; ‘I will never move to Helsinki’.


  • What I do at HUONE is… To put it simply: take care of the reception. It’s about greeting the customers and welcoming them to HUONE premises. I make sure the customers know where to go and what’s happening next. I also have other responsibilities ”behind the scenes,” which are not really visible, but are important to ensure everything runs smoothly. Communication is a big part of a job so everyone stays informed on what is happening. In addition, I assist the sales team and event hosts on-site; for instance, I answer your questions in the chat on HUONE website!

Hilda Vähäkangas HUONE Helsinki(Hilda enjoying HUONE’s annual Crayfish party and welcoming guests in HUONE Kamppi)

Favorite part of my workday is… the mornings! That’s when most of the guests arrive at HUONE, and the best thing is when I get to see how excited customers are to be in HUONE. Mornings can be really hectic at the reception, but it also makes you feel accomplished once you see that everybody’s settled in and started with their agenda. (and it’s also time for…staff breakfast!☺️)

  • If I were to give a talk about something for 20 mins, it would be about… Formula 1 or Eurovision! I recently fulfilled one of my biggest dreams and went to see a F1 Grand Prix live and can’t wait to do the same someday with Eurovision.


  • If I were to design a room for the next HUONE unit, it would beAutumn colour (‘ruska’ in Finnish) room! There’s so much more to Finnish autumn than just darkness and rain, so why not make the most of it? With some comfortable autumn colored sofas (and blankets) it would make the perfect solution for a chill and relaxed meeting.

Inspiration for Autumn Colours room(Inspiration for Autumn Colours room. image source)

  • Three words that make me smile are… Hey, a puppy! Because…who wouldn’t love one 🐶

Based on the experience working at HUONE Helsinki, Hilda’s tip for a better meeting experience is … 

To start the day with breakfast with the team. This way, you can ensure everybody’s energy levels are high before starting to tackle the topic of the day. Meetings can be long and there’s a lot of information flowing in to your brain, so starting the day right makes a real difference on how well you can concentrate throughout the whole event. 

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