Safer meetings at HUONE

Since the beginning of the pandemic HUONE has been committed to providing the safest possible environment for meetings. We still keep offering safer meetings for our customers. We follow the situation closely and will be adapting to any changes in recommendations and restrictions.

(Last updated 11.1.2022)

Currently our operations are legally restricted by restrictions for restaurants, defining the opening hours and number of customer seats, currently 75% of maximum capacity.

Until further notice serving of alcoholic beverages will end 5pm and HUONE will close 6pm.

Safety measures in HUONE

To ensure the highest hygiene of our spaces, common spaces such as toilets, lounge spaces are cleaned and monitored on a regular basis.

Covid pass 

HUONE is is applying covid pass according to authorities directions in the areas where alcoholic beverages are being served. When needed covid pass is required from everyone (aged 16 or above) attending an event or visiting HUONE.

Handwashing and sanitisers

HUONE offers hand sanitiser upon guests arrival for safer meetings. We encourage guests to wash their hands with soap and water. The signages promoting good hand hygiene are visible around the venue. Hand sanitisers are available in every room as well as all the common areas. 

We recommend using face masks

Throughout any working day, our employees wear masks for safer meetings. We also encourage our guests to use a face mask in our common areas. Face masks for guests are also available at the reception.

Arrival and the day at HUONE

HUONE adjusts the timing of our guests’ arrival to prevent crowding at the reception with our best effort. The same principle is applied for meal timing (e.g. lunch) to the best of our capabilities.  


  • HUONE Team has been trained to offer safer meetings.
  • We still do not shake hands or give hugs.
  • Throughout any working day, our employees wear masks.
  • Our kitchen follows carefully all regulations.

We follow all current rules and regulations by the authorities and keep monitoring the situation constantly.

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