Preventive Response Plan for Covid-19

Updated 18.3 at 15.00
HUONE Kamppi ja Jätkäsaari on suljettu koronaviruksen takia toistaiseksi - ks lisää 
HUONE Kamppi and Jätkäsaari are temporarily closed. More info in En (scroll down for English)

Dear HUONE guests,

As the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) situation continues to evolve globally, I wanted to reach out to you personally about what we are doing here at HUONE to ensure your safety.

The health of our customers as well as our team members are the utmost importance to us. HUONE is committed to act responsibly by doing our part to minimize the risks for society with the minimum implications on the economy.

HUONE has been fighting Corona since January in Singapore. Singapore has been praised highly by WHO for their early and aggressive action to contain the outbreak. There are many good preventive measures we have learned and are adopting here in Helsinki as well:

  • Voluntary Temperature screening at Arrival at HUONE  and display reminder signs to discourage guests from entering HUONE if they have any of the respiratory symptoms: fever, cough, shortness of breath and breathing difficulties. If in doubt, a temperature measurement device is available at the reception for voluntary measurement.
  • Hand sanitizer is offered to every guest entering HUONE, and everyone is reminded about washing hands right away after entering.
  • All smaller meeting rooms are being upgraded to bigger rooms whenever available. In HUONE we will set up the rooms with 1 meter distance between seats whenever possible. 
  • All our guests can move their event to a new date free of charge. To secure our business functions and employees we cannot unfortunately be more flexible with our cancellation policies. We follow the regulations from the government.

Previously we have already taken the following actions: 

  • We do not shake hands or give hugs to other employees or guests and keep a safe distance.  
  • We advise all our guests to wash their hands right after entering and multiple times during the day for 20 seconds with soap. 
  • Hand sanitizer and napkins. All our meeting rooms and public areas have hand sanitizers and napkins. In all our toilets we have only one time use hand papers.
  • All door handles, railings and surfaces are cleaned with disinfectant multiple timeas a day. Two person Framerys are currently out of order. 
  • Our kitchen follows carefully all regulations and we pay extra attention on personal hygiene.
  • We have a small and fixed team in HUONE, for the time being we are not using any extra personnel. All employees who can work remote, will do so. Anyone coming back to Finland from abroad is in 14 days quarantine. No one is travelling for work until further notice. If our employees have any fever or respiratory symptoms they are ordered to stay home. 


We follow all current rules and regulations by the authorities and keep monitoring the situation constantly.

For any queries please contact or call +358 (0)20 785 144040 


Wishing you, your colleagues and family health and strength in these challenging times

Evon Blomstedt