Summer team day at HUONE terrace

Thinking about organising a team day? On a summer day in August 2020, HUONE Jätkäsaari hosted a team evening for a new customer. The private event was planned with two main priorities: safety and quality. Here we share few snapshots from the event and how the day went. Enjoy!

Snapshots from the team day


Before the event

  • Loistava Hall and the terrace is set for the event before the guests arrive by HUONE’s on-site staff. Disinfecting also done for all the common areas such as toilets and coffee stations.
  • The last check-up is done with the chef. HUONE always offered freshly cooked meals for our guests. This way we can ensure the quality is top, and all the allergies and dietary restrictions are taken care of!

The team day event went like this…

  • Welcoming everyone at the reception! Guests were welcomed at the reception and guided to the group. Few high tables with cold drinks in a cooler were set for those who arrived early, so they could grab a drink and settle in for the day.
  • The organiser/host for the day did the last check-up for the slides and techniques with HUONE’s Event coordinator Sanna before the official program.
  • Welcoming drink from Terrace. Everyone has arrived at the venue, and people were directed to the terrace where the welcoming cocktail was offered by HUONE’s event host for the day, William.
  • Welcoming/Opening remarks. You cannot skip the opening toast, with few words from the host, CEO of the company. This is the perfect time to thank everyone for their hard work and for taking the time to join the event.
  • Group Photo!  Team day is perfect for taking a company group photos especially when the employees do not all work in one location. The customer also had a lot of people from other cities such as Tempere.
  • Dinner time! Around the time when everyone finished the first round of catching up and getting to know each other, dinner was served. This time, an individually portioned meal was served for safety purpose, instead of a traditional buffet-style service.
  • Guest Speaker  Although it was a company team day, there was a guest speaker (a surprise!) from outside who talked about creativity in the workplace.  Sometimes it is very refreshing to hear from someone outside of the company, so do use your network and try inviting someone who can share a story about a topic that might be of interest to the majority of participants.
  • Motivational Speaker. Since the company was quite new, the organiser invited another speaker from outside who shared his personal story, and entrepreneurship.
  • The official program ended with the host’s toast, thanking everyone once again and sharing a word of encouragement for the bright future!


All in all, the event went really well, people were happy, enjoyed the venue, a lot of people had never been in HUONE before, so it was a nice surprise. The staff were superb, warm atmosphere and made it all seem as if the world was in a lovely “normal” state. It gave people a chance to gather and forget about the problems the world is experiencing now. This was done in a manner that did not, however, breach advice given by the government. – August 2020, the organiser of the event 

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